List of people from Belarus

List of people from Belarus

This is a list of people related to Republic of Belarus in some way or another. It is not limited to persons of Belarusian ethnicity; you may find Russians, Jews, Poles, Vikings, etc., in this list. Over the time the Belarusian land was under different rule, and often its culture was suppressed. Therefore many Belarusian nationals are known to the world as Poles or Russians. See also List of Belarusians (ethnic group).


*Louis B. Mayer
*Solomon Mikhoels
*Nadia Budnik


*Irving Berlin
*Vladimir Dukelsky
*Napoleon Orda
*Michał Kleofas Ogiński


*Marc Chagall
*Naum Gabo, sculptor
*Michel Kikoine
*Pinchus Kremegne
*Mikhail Savitsky
*Chaim Soutine
*Sergey Voychenko
*Ossip Zadkine
*Kirk Douglas


*Ales Adamovich
*Svetlana Alexievich
*Guillaume Apollinaire -Belarusian mother
*Isaac Asimov
*Uladzimier Arlou
*Maksim Bahdanovich
*Francishak Bahushevich
*Pauliuk Bahrym
*Siarhiej Bałachonaŭ
*Ryhor Baradulin
*Janka Bryl
*Vasil Bykau
*Kuzma Chorny
*Vintsent Dunin-Martsinkyevich
*Nil Gilevich
*Nicolai Hussoviani
*Uladzimir Karatkevich
*Jakub Kolas
*Kandrat Krapiva
*Janka Kupala
*Janka Maur
*Ivan Melezh
*Pimen Panchanka
*Ryhor Reles
*Mendele Mocher Sforim, founder of modern Yiddish and modern Hebrew literature
*Ivan Shamiakin
*Maksim Tank


*Michael Savage (commentator), famous american radio host, author of several bestsellers


*Leonard and Phil Chess
*Michael Marks
*Louis B. Mayer
*David Sarnoff
*Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft
*Ralph Lauren, his family immigrated from Pinsk, Belarus

tate, revolution, military, politics

*Menachem Begin
*Eliezer Ben-Yehuda
*Catherine Breshkovsky
*Faddei Bulgarin
*Chiang Fang-liang
*Anatoly Chubais
*David Dubinsky
*Andrei Gromyko
*Isser Harel, head of the Israeli Mossad
*Vyacheslav Kebich
*Alexander Lukashenko
*Alaksandar Milinkievič
*Valeria Novodvorskaya
*Alexander Parvus
*Dmitri Pavlichenko
*Zianon Pazniak
*Shimon Peres
*Rogneda of Polotsk
*Yitzhak Shamir
*Stanislav Shushkevich
*Lev Sapieha
*Sergey Sidorsky
*Ivonka Survilla
*Vincuk Viačorka
*Chaim Weizmann


*Cyril of Turaŭ
*Euphrosyne of Polatsk
*Jazafat Kuncevič
*Meletiy Smotritski


*Zhores Ivanovich Alferov
*Yury Bandazhevsky
*Alexander Bogdanov
*Symon Budny
*Morris Raphael Cohen, Jewish philosopher
*Pyotr Klimuk, cosmonaut
*Semyon Ariyevich Kosberg
*Berl Katznelson
*Vladimir Kovalyonok, cosmonaut
*Valery Fabrikant, mechanical engineer, mass murderer
*Seymour Lubetzky
*Salomon Maimon, Jewish philosopher
*Leonid Mandelstam, Jewish physicist
*Theodor Narbut
*Mark Nemenman, Jewish computer scientist
*Francysk Skaryna
*Pavel Sukhoi
*Branislau Tarashkevich
*Vasyl Tsyapinski
*Immanuel Velikovsky
*Lev Vygotsky
*Oscar Zariski


*Veronika Cherkasova
*Ihar Hermianchuk


*Andrei Arlovski, Former UFC Heavyweight Champion and MMA fighter
*Alexey Ignashov, K1 Superstar
*Anzhela Atroshchenko
*Victoria Azarenka
*Benjamin Blumenfeld, chess player
*Svetlana Boguinskaya
*Boris Gelfand, chess player
*Mikhail Grabovski, ice hockey player
*Wayne Gretzky, ice hockey player
*Sergei Gurenko
*Aliaksandr Hleb
*Ekaterina Karsten
*Olga Korbut
*Andrei Kostitsyn, ice hockey player
*Sergei Kostitsyn, ice hockey player
*Abraham Kupchik, chess player
*Vitali Kutuzov
*Dmitri Markov
*Alexander Medved
*Max Mirnyi
*Yulia Nesterenko
*Uladzimir Parfianovich
*Lev Polugaevsky, chess player
*Vitaly Scherbo
*Ilya Smirin, chess player
*Ivan Tikhon
*Ina Žukava
*Natasha Zvereva
*Artem Milevsky

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*Leaders of Belarus

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