Wild Doogy Plumm

Wild Doogy Plumm

Wild Doogy Plumm is an anthropomorphic squirrel from the book "Rakkety Tam" in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. He is voiced by Simon Smithies in the full-cast audiobook.

Doogy Plumm is the best friend of Rakkety Tam MacBurl, and also comes from the northlands. However, because Doogy is a true northlander, while Tam is only a border-dweller, Doogy has a broad accent, reminiscent of that common among natives of Scotland. Doogy met Tam while traveling south, and the two joined forces and pledged their loyalty to Araltum Squirrelking and Idga Drayqueen, two squirrel monarchs who were looking for servants.

Doogy and Tam were imprisoned after disobeying and insulting their masters. However, they were released after Idga's royal banner was stolen by the army of Gulo the Savage, on the condition that they would bring the banner back. Seeking to avenge their fallen comrades and to be released from their oaths to the squirrel monarchs, Doogy and Tam set off after them. Early on, they destroyed Gulo's wrecked ship, only to be taken captive by the Long Patrol of Salamandastron. After they explained their purposes, they joined forces with an army of hares dispatched by Lady Melesme.

Traveling into Mossflower country, Doogy and Tam came to Redwall Abbey. They continued their battle with Gulo's forces, until a point where Doogy was captured and held hostage. Tam engaged Gulo in battle, and defeated the wolverine, freeing Doogy. However, while wielding the Sword of Martin, Tam ruined Doogy's stolen Claymore. As payment, Doogy took Tam's own claymore, which Tam swore was his for a long time afterward.

Many seasons passed afterward, and Doogy became an uncle figure to Tam's daughter Melanda. He taught her the art of swordsmanship, and remarked that she was a better swordsbeast than he and her "great lump of a dad" put together. He and Tam finally returned to the court of the squirrel monarchs, and were released from their oaths. As a result of their freedom, Araltum and Idga's subjects rebelled, and the duo were deposed.

Doogy had an identical armament to that of Rakkety Tam, including a Sgian Dubh, a dirk, a buckler, and a claymore. He was also a proficient boxer, instructed by a hare sergeant during the hunt for Gulo.

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