Front for Victory

Front for Victory

party_name = Alianza Frente para la Victoria
"FPV - Front for Victory "
colorcode = #75AADB
leader = Néstor Kirchner
foundation = 2003
ideology = Peronism, Social democracy, Democratic socialism, Centre-left
colors = Light blue, White
headquarters = Buenos Aires, Argentina
international = none
website =
The Front for Victory (Spanish: "Frente para la Victoria", "FPV") is a leftist political front and electoral alliance in Argentina. Formally it is still a faction of the Justicialist Party (Peronism). It is led by current president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

The Front for Victory was created in 2003 to present Kirchner as candidate for the presidency. Due to internal disagreements over leadership, the Justicialist Party could not go to the 2003 presidential elections as such.

At the legislative elections of 23 October 2005 the FPV won 50 of the 127 elected deputies (out of 257) and 14 of the 24 elected senators (out of 72), thus obtaining the majority in both Houses of Congress.

The main opposition of the FPV from within the Justicialist Party are those who continue to support former presidents Eduardo Duhalde and Carlos Menem. Many members of the FPV themselves supported these figures before the rise of Kirchner.


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