List of graphical methods

List of graphical methods

This is a list of graphical methods with a mathematical basis.Included are diagram techniques, chart techniques, plot techniques, and other forms of visualization.

There is also a list of computer graphics and descriptive geometry topics.

imple displays

*Box plot
*Graph of a function
*Graph paper
**Logarithmic graph paper
**Bar chart
*Pie chart

Set theory

*Venn diagram
*Karnaugh diagram
*Johnston diagram

Descriptive geometry

*Isometric projection
*Orthographic projection
*Perspective (graphical)

Engineering drawing

*Technical drawing
*Circuit diagram
*Smith chart
*Sankey diagram

Systems analysis

* Binary decision diagram
* Control flow graph
* Functional flow block diagram
* N2 Chart
* State diagram
* System context diagram


*Map projection
*Orthographic projection (cartography)
*Robinson projection
*Stereographic projection
*Dymaxion map
*Topographic map
*Craig retroazimuthal projection
*Hammer retroazimuthal projection

Natural sciences


Physical sciences

*Free body diagram
*Phase diagram
*Wavenumber-frequency diagram
*Bode plot
*Nyquist plot
*Dalitz plot
*Feynman diagram

Business methods

*Gantt chart
*Work breakdown structure
*Control chart
*Ishikawa diagram
*Multidimensional scaling

Conceptual analysis

*Mind mapping
*Concept mapping
*Conceptual graph
*Entity-relationship diagram


*Bar chart
*Box plot
*Control chart
*Forest plot
*Funnel plot
*Galbraith plot
*Multidimensional scaling
*Probability plot
**Normal probability plot
**Probability plot correlation coefficient plot
*Q-Q plot
*Run chart
*Ternary plot
*Recurrence plot
*Waterfall chart


*Ulam spiral
*Fitness landscape
*Weather map
*Predominance diagram
*One-line diagram
*Edgeworth box
*Lineweaver-Burke diagram
*Eadie-Hofstee diagram
*Population pyramid
*Parametric plot
*Causality loop diagram
*Ramachandran plot
*V model
*Sentence diagram
*Tree diagram
*Airfield traffic pattern diagram

External references

* [ A periodic table of visualization methods] .
* [ Speaking of Graphics] .

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