Convention of Baptist Churches of Northern Circars

Convention of Baptist Churches of Northern Circars

The Convention of Baptist Churches of Northern Circars (CBCNC) is a Christian denomination in north coastal Andhra Pradesh.[1]

CBCNC is a member body of the Baptist World Alliance,[2] and an affiliate member Church of the National Council of Churches in India (NCCI).[3]

Missionaries of the Canadian Baptist Mission founded this denomination as its successor in Andhra Pradesh. The current President is T. Ch. Immanuel. [4]

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Convention of Baptist Churches of Northern Circars

                                 C B C N C 
                   (Convention of Baptist Churches of Northern Circars) 

Report of The Nominating Committee of the CONVENTION OF BAPTIST CHUCHES OF NOTHEN CIRCARS (CBCNC) Regd. No.16/48-49 &Trust Association No 12/1960. The following Nominating committee at Centenary Baptist Mission Church, Bobbili held on 31st January 2009 and made the following Nominations for the Executive and Finance and other Board of CBCNC for the Year 2009-14. The Officers Members of the boards and committee continuing and elected for the year 2009-14 for CBCNC (Regd. No. 16/48-49) on 31st January 2009.

Officers for the Year 2009-2014:

    President Sri. V.V.K.Sharma,Bobbili.
    Vice President Smt. K.jessie Srinivasa Rao,Visakhapatna.
    Secretary Sri. Pastor G.John Peter,Visakhapatnam.
    Recording Secretary Sri. V.vijay Kumar,Dakamari.
    Treasure General Fund Sri. G.harald William,Visakhapatnam.
    Treasure Pension Fund Sri.Novah Raju,Kakinada.

Trust Association:

    Chairman Sri. T.D.S.Kumar,Yelamanchili. 
    Secretary Sri. K.Devasahayam,Visakhapatnam.

Board of Evangelism:

    Chairman Sri. Rev.Ch..Satyanandam ,Bobbili.
     Vice Chairperson Smt. P.S.Swarna Kumari,Gudlavalleru.

Board of Christian Training :

     Chairman Sri. Pastor G. Steven Peter,Kothavalasa. 
     Secretary Sri. Rev. D.V.Ratnam ,Kaikaram.

Board of Mission:

     Chairman Sri.S.Yesuratnam,Bobbili.
     Secretary Sri.K.Samuel,Yelamanchili.

Board of Allocations:

     Chairman Sri. K.Satyanandam,Visakhapatnam. 
     Secretary Sri. K.Ravi Prakash,M.M Puram.

Elected Member for the Executive and Finance Board:

     Smt. Y.Savtri.Bobbili. 
     Sri. N.Rajanna,Narsipatnam.
     Sri. N.Joseph,Kaikaluru. 
     Sri. H.S.S.Paul,Srikakulam. 
     Sri. K.Anand Kumar,Bobbili.

Special Appointees:

     General Secretary for Youth Work Sri.Y.S.Purushotham,Bhimili. 
     Stastian Sri. K.Israel,Visakhapatnam.
     Attorney Sri. P.Venkateswara Rao.


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