Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006

Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006

Iceland selected its entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 in a national final on 18 February in Reykjavík. They chose the fictional character Silvía Night to represent the nation in Athens with the song "Til hamingju Ísland" ("Congratulations Iceland"), however the song was performed in its English version at Eurovision as "Congratulations". The song tells the story of how Silvía will win the Eurovision Song Contest and how she is better than everyone else. The song was considered a strong favourite from the moment the competing songs were announced. It is written by Ágústa Eva Erlendsdóttir & Gaukur Úlfarsson and composed by Þorvaldur Bjarni Þorvaldsson. The English version of the song caused some controversy as the preview video for the song contained a swear word, even though this was not included in the official version of the lyrics. The European Broadcasting Union theatened to disqualify the entry if the offending word was included in the live performance [] , and although Silvía used it in the rehearsals, she dropped it for the live performance.

Silvía Nótt is a fictional character in "Sjáumst með Silvíu Nótt", an extremely popular Icelandic semi-reality show on the TV channel Skjár 1. Ágústa Eva Erlendsdóttir, singer for band Ske and an actress, and Gaukur Úlfarsson decided to invent a character that brought out all the worst things in human behaviour in modern society. Silvía's personality is highly affected by narcissism and she sees herself as the most famous and talented person in the world.

It was eliminated in the semifinal, finishing in 13th place with 62 points and was booed off the stage.

Result of National Final

Only the top three were announced.

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Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest

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