Battle of Salamis in Cyprus (450 BC)

Battle of Salamis in Cyprus (450 BC)

Infobox Military Conflict
conflict=Battle of Salamis in Cyprus (450 BC)
partof=the Persian Wars

date=450 BC
place=Salamis, Cyprus
result=Delian League victory.
territory=Persians control all of Cyprus until Delian League soldiers return home.
combatant1=Delian League
combatant2=Achaemenid Empire
strength1=200+ triremes
strength2=About 600 ships

The Battle of Salamis took place around 450 BC near Salamis in Cyprus.

In 454 BC the Athenian-led Delian League lost a fleet in an unsuccessful attempt to aid an Egyptian revolt against Persia. Over the next three years, Athens also failed to capture Pharsalus in Thessaly, as well as Sicyon and Oeniadae, all of which were allies of the Spartan-led Peloponnesian League. In 451 BC Athens concluded a five-year truce with Sparta.

After the truce, Cimon found the opportunity to continue the war against the Persians. He sailed to Cyprus with two hundred triremes of the confederacy. From there, he sent sixty ships to Egypt to help the Prince Amyrtaeos, who was fighting the Persians at the Nile Delta. With the remaining ships, Cimon aided the uprising of the Cypriot Greek city-states against their hegemon and laid siege to the Persian stronghold of Citium on the south west coast of Cyprus. During the siege Cimon died and the command of the fleet was given to Anaxicrates, whom subsequently retreated from Citium to engage the Phoenician and Cilician fleet at Salamis of Cyprus. The Greek fleet gained a complete victory on sea and land and rejoining with the sixty ships in Egypt, sailed to Athens.There is a phrase in Greek commemorating this win (=The Athenian general even dead wins)

The Athenians did not take advantage of their victory; instead, they simply returned home, where they found that Sparta had taken over the temple at Delphi, and that the Boeotia were beginning to revolt against Athenian rule. This revolt led to the Battle of Coronea in 447 BC.

* The Battle of Salamis of 480 BC was a naval battle in the Greco-Persian Wars near the island of Salamis near Athens in Greece.
* The Battle of Salamis in Cyprus of 306 BC was a naval battle

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