For Social Democracy

For Social Democracy

party_name = Movimiento PODEMOS
colorcode = #013068
leader = Ismael García
foundation = 2003
ideology = Democratic socialism
headquarters = Caracas
international =
website =

"PODEMOS" (literally meaning 'We can', an abbreviation of "Por la Democracia Social", Spanish for 'For Social Democracy') is a left-wing political party in Venezuela. In the most recent legislative elections, 4 December 2005, the party won 15 out of 165 seats in the National Assembly. It has 7 parliamentary seats.

The party is led by Ismael García and Didalco Bolívar. It has supported president Hugo Chávez, but refused to join the new United Socialist Party created by the president in 2007, and opposed Chavez's proposals in the 2007 constitutional referendum. PODEMOS is seen to form the right-wing of Chavismo. Hugo Chávez has accused García of "raising the flags of the right." [ [ Presidente Chávez: dirigentes vacilantes deben explicar al pueblo razones para no adherirse al PSUV ] ]


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