Target Two Point Zero

Target Two Point Zero

Target Two Point Zero is an interest rate challenge in the UK set by the Bank of England and The Times.

The challenge

Target Two invites students aged 16 to 18 to take on the role of the Monetary Policy Committee to analyse current economic conditions in the UK and the outlook for inflation. Teams of four students must create a formal presentation that is delivered to a panel of judges from the Bank of England. The presentation must conclude with a recommendation on exactly what interest rate the team would set in order to achieve the UK government's inflation target of 2.0% CPI.

Following the initial presentation, which lasts a maximum of 15 minutes, the judges have the opportunity to ask questions about what has been said. They might ask the students to justify or clarify certain aspects of their interpretation of the economic conditions.

Structure of the competition

The Challenge has three identical rounds: regional heats, area finals and the national final. There is a sufficient time lapse between rounds to compel teams to change and update their presentation to take into account of new economic statistics, or the MPC’s own interest rate decisions.

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