List of rivers of Serbia

List of rivers of Serbia

This is a list of the rivers of Serbia, either those flowing entirely or partially within Serbia proper, or just being a border rivers.

Drainage basins

All rivers in Serbia belong to the drainage basins of three seas: Black Sea, Adriatic Sea or Aegean Sea.

The largest in area, Black Sea drainage basin, covers and area of 81,261 km² or 92% of the territory of Serbia. The entire basin is drained by only one river, the Danube, which flows into the Black Sea. All major rivers in Serbia, like Tisa, Sava, Velika Morava or Drina belong to it.

The Adriatic Sea drainage basin covers an area of 4,500 km² or 5% of territory of Serbia. It comprises the western half of the Kosovo and Metohija and it is mostly drained by one river, the White Drin, which in Albania meets the Black Drin to create the Drin river, which flows into the Adriatic Sea. Smaller portion of it is drained by Crni Kamen-Radika river in the extreme southern region of Gora, first into Macedonia, then into the Black Drim and Drim river again.

The smallest in area, 2,650 km² or 3% of the territory of Serbia, the Aegean Sea, covers the southern parts of Serbia, to the Macedonian and Bulgarian borders. This drainage basin is drained by three rivers: Lepenac, Pčinja and Dragovištica. First two flow into the Vardar river in Macedonia, and third one flows into the Struma river in Bulgaria, and both of those rivers flow into the Aegean Sea. It covers the southern parts of Serbia, to the Macedonian and Bulgarian borders.

All three basins meet at the "Drmanska glava" peak on the Crnoljeva mountain in central Kosovo and Metohija, which represents the water divide of Serbia and the major one in the Balkans as it divides three out of the Balkan's four drainage basins (the fourth being the Ionian Sea).

List of major rivers

The lengths in the table present the overall lengths of the rivers, not just the Serbian parts of the flow. In the first table, rivers over 50 km are listed, including river systems (such as Great Morava) created by confluence of other major rivers; in those cases, the length is given as the total of the river and the longer headstream.

Selected list of shorter rivers is added below the two tables.

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