Insurgency in the Philippines

Insurgency in the Philippines

Infobox Military Conflict
Linked toWar on Terror through OEF-P
conflict=Insurgency in the Philippines
date=1969– ongoing

place=Mindanao, Philippines
combatant1=Government and Allies
flag|United States,
flagicon image|Flag of the Philippines.svg Christian militias,
flagicon image|Flag of the Philippines.svg Pro-government Muslim militias
flagicon|OIC Moro National Liberation Front,
flagicon image|Flag of Jihad.svg Moro Islamic Liberation Front,
flagicon image|Flag of Jihad.svg Abu Sayyaf,
flagicon image|Flag of Jihad.svg Jemaah Islamiyah,
flagicon image|Flag of Jihad.svg Al Qaeda,
flagicon image|Flag of Jihad.svg Rajah Solaiman Movement,
flagicon image|Flag of Jihad.svg Mujadeen of the Philippines
flagicon image|NPA.png New People's Army,
flagicon image|Hammer and sickle.svg Communist Party of the Philippines,
flagicon image|Hammer and sickle.svg Socialist Revolution Front of Albay,

commander1= flagicon|Philippines Hermogenes Esperon Jr.
commander2=flagicon|OIC Nur Misuari,
flagicon image|Flag of Jihad.svg Al Haj Murad Ebrahim,
flagicon image|Flag of Jihad.svg Yassir Igassan,
flagicon image|Flag of Jihad.svg Yassir Igassan
commander3=flagicon image|NPA.png Jose Maria Sison,
flagicon image|Flag of Sendero Luminoso.svg Joseph Valdez,
Nilo Tayag
strength1=18,000 Filipinos,
unknown militas
strength2=Unknown MILF,
unknown MNLF

strength3=7,000 NPA,
unknown other communists
casualties4= Total casualties (civilian and combatant): est. 160,000 [Citation
title=Crisis — Again — for the Philippines' Arroyo
date=November 1, 2007
publisher=Time MAgazine


The struggle is rooted to the conflicts caused by Spanish colonization, beginning in 1521 as well as the Moro Rebellion phase during the Philippine-American War. However, religion is but "one" difference, albeit a large one, as Islamic Sabah, Malaysia and the Bangsamoro (Moro) themselves have considerable differences. Culture, language, and tradition are also divisive.

On a larger scale, the Philippine insurgency is an outgrowth of the division of the Malay Archipelago by European and American colonial powers, much as ethnic conflict in Africa is today. The colonies that became the nations of Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia lumped together and split indigenous peoples of hundreds of languages and cultures (see Malayo-Polynesian languages) into modern nations, trying to assimilate them into "nationalities." The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia are all signatories to International Treaties on self-determination of indigenous peoples. []

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*2007 Basilan beheading incident


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