The Pit (BBS door)

The Pit (BBS door)

The Pit is a Bulletin Board System (BBS) game using basic ANSI art (compare with ASCII art) and text database information. A graphical front end is also available, with EGA graphics and sound. Players fight in a rectangular grid against computer or human opponents. Starting out with thin armor and a weak sword, with each win over opponents, your character becomes stronger with better weapons. Aside from Melee weapons, you can also purchase or find projectile weapons (eg. a longbow). In addition to basic combat items, you can also use potions and other magic items (though you don't always know what you are using). If you find an opponent too powerful, you can beg for mercy (not always successfully), or exit through the single doorway (assuming you can reach the doorway without getting killed). Opponents include the most basic and easy to defeat slave and the near-immortal Norse gods, such as Odin and Thor. You can also attack other human players, who are set on automatic.

Players get a number of play sessions per day (usually three), and each play session ends in either a player death or the session timer expiring.

Originally created and programmed by James R. Berry in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The art for the EGA client was made by D. Gregg Hargrove. The source code is now owned by and it is currently being updated for modern operating systems.

To play the game, you will need either a telnet client capable of displaying code page 437 like SyncTERM, or the EGA graphics client.

ee also

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