HERO (robot)

HERO (robot)

HERO (Heathkit Educational RObot) is the name of several educational robots sold by Heathkit during the 1980s. The Heath Company began the HERO 1 project in October 1979. The first units were available in 1982. Models included the HERO 1, HERO Jr., and HERO 2000. All three were available as kits, or for more money, prebuilt by Heathkit

HERO 1 (ET-18)

HERO 1 was a self-contained mobile robot controlled by an onboard computer with a Motorola 6808 CPU and 4k of RAM. The robot featured light, sound, and motion detectors as well as a sonar ranging sensor. An optional arm mechanism was available.

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The forthcomming HE-RObot is the result of a strategic partnership between Heathkit and White Box Robotics. When available it may cost as much as $8000. The HE-RObot is expected to be marketed to the educational market. [ [http://www.heathkit.com/herobot.html HE-ROBOT™] ]

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