Brewer (surname)

Brewer (surname)

Brewer is a surname, meaning "a person who brews beer". It may refer to

*Albert Brewer, American politician, Governor of Alabama 1968–71
*Allison Brewer, Canadian social activist and politician
*The Brewer twins (Derek and Keith), American models
*Billy Brewer, American football coach
*Carl Brewer, current mayor of Wichita, Kansas
*Charles Brewer, American entrepreneur
*Chet Brewer, American baseball player
*Contessa Brewer, American television journalist
*Craig Brewer, American film director
*David Brewer, Lord Mayor of London
*David Josiah Brewer, Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States between 1890 and 1910
*David M. Brewer, Executed murderer from Ohio.
*Derek Stanley Brewer, Chaucerian scholar, Master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge 1977-1990
*Don Brewer, American drummer
*Earl L. Brewer, American politician, Governor of Mississippi 1912–16
*Ebenezer Cobham Brewer, compiler of Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
*Eduardo Brewer, Panamanian Architect
*Eric Brewer, Canadian ice hockey player player
* Eric J. Brewer, Mayor, City of East Cleveland, Ohio
*Gale Brewer, American politician
*Gene Brewer, American science fiction author
*George Keefer Brewer, American actor (George Reeves)
*Graeme Brewer, Australian swimmer
*Herbert Brewer, British composer
*Jack Brewer, American football player
*Jamison Brewer, American basketball player
*Jim Brewer, American baseball player
*John Sherren Brewer, English historian
*Johnny Brewer, American football player
*Julia Hartley-Brewer, British journalist
*Ken Brewer, American poet
*Lawrence Russel Brewer, American murderer
*Lucy Brewer, claimed first woman Marine, probably fictitious
*Marilyn Brewer, American politician
*Mark Brewer, cartoonist
*Mark S. Brewer, American politician
*Mike Brewer, American musician, of Brewer & Shipley
*Nicole Brewer, American beauty queen
*Richard (Dick) Brewer, American cowboy
*Rick Brewer, Canadian politician
*Robert Brewer, American figure skater
*Ron Brewer, American basketball player
*Ronnie Brewer, American basketball player
*Teresa Brewer, American singer
*Thomas Mayo Brewer, American naturalist
*Tom Brewer, American baseball player
*William Henry Brewer, American botanist

ee also

*Bernie Brewer, Bonnie Brewer, mascots for the Milwaukee Brewers

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