Richard Sakwa

Richard Sakwa

Richard Sakwa is head of the department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Kent.He is an expert in the field of Russian and Eastern European communist and post-communist politics. He has written and edited several books and articles on this area.

Published works

*2005 - Chaechnya : from past to future (ed)
*2005 - Developments in Russian politicas 6 (ed)
*2004 - Putin : Russia's choice
*2003 - Contextualizing secession : normative studies in comparative perspective (ed)
*2002 - Russian politics and society 3rd edition
*2001 - Transition in post-communist states: triple or quadruple?
*2000 - Contemporary Europe (ed)
*1999 - Postcommunism
*1999 - Rise and fall of the Soviet Union, 1917-1991
*1998 - Soviet politics in perspective
*1998 - What is Russia?
*1997 - Regime system in Russia.
*1996 - Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the electoral process
*1996 - Russian politics and society 2nd edition
*1995 - Development of the Russian party system
*1993 - Struggle for Russia : power and change in the democratic revolution (ed)
*1993 - Russian politics and society
*1992 - Revolution of 1991 in Russia : interpretations of the Moscow coup.
*1990 - Gorbachev and his reforms, 1985-1990
*1989 - Commune democracy & Gorbachev's reforms
*1989 - Soviet politics : an introduction
*1988 - Soviet communists in power : a study of Moscow during the Civil War, 1918-21
*1988 - Gorbachev and the new soviet foreign policy.
*1987 - Commune state in Moscow in 1918

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