Space Battleship Yamato (spaceship)

Space Battleship Yamato (spaceship)

* : six forward-firing torpedo tubes, principally for use underwater.

* : a fleet of fighter planes, contained within a hangar in the ship's rear underside. The Black Tiger fighters of the first season are superseded by the Cosmo Tigers of the second season, though both seasons feature the Cosmo Zero fighter piloted by Susumu Kodai (Derek Wildstar in "Star Blazers"), which is usually launched from one of the catapults on the top deck near the stern. The hangar also contains other, non-combat planes for reconnaissance and transport.

* : a defence conceived by chief scientist Sanada (Sandor in "Star Blazers") when he realised that the Wave Motion Gun is merely an extremely powerful laser, this involves quickly covering the "Yamato" entirely with reflective material; this was only used once, when Gamilon leader Desler (Desslok) used his self-titled Desler Gun against the Earth ship, and successfully reflected the blast back against its source.

* nihongo|Bubble shield|防塵カバー|Bōjin Cover: although the "Yamato" lacks defensive shields like those used in "Star Trek", on one occasion (while trapped in the Octopus Cluster) it generated a shield over its decks which protected it from the fury of a space storm, and even maintained a breathable atmosphere.

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