Danger Island (serial)

Danger Island (serial)
Danger Island
Directed by Ray Taylor
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date(s) United States 24 August 1931
Running time 12 chapters (220 min)
Country  United States
Language English

Danger Island (1931) is a Universal film serial. It is considered to be lost.



Bonnie Adams is told by her father on his death bed of his discovery of a radium deposit on an island off the coast of Africa. Ben Arnold and his girlfriend Aileen Chandos want the radium for themselves and befriend Bonnie for that purpose. The captain of the boat taking them to their destination, Harry Drake, falls in love with Bonnie en route.


Chapter titles

  1. The Coast of Peril
  2. Death Rides the Storm
  3. Demons of the Pool
  4. Devil Worshippers
  5. Mutiny
  6. The Cat Creeps
  7. The Drums of Doom
  8. Human Sacrifice
  9. The Lion's Lair
  10. Fire God's vengeance


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