Two-finger salute

Two-finger salute

:"For the obscene hand gesture colloquially known as the "two-fingered salute" see V sign as an insult"

The two-finger(ed) salute is a salute given using only the middle and index fingers, while bending the other fingers at the second knuckle, and with the palm facing the signer. This salute is used by Polish military and uniformed services and by Cub Scouts.

Two-finger salute in Poland

The salute is only used while wearing a hat with the emblem of the Polish eagle, such as military hat rogatywka. The salute is performed with the middle and index fingers extended and touching each other, while the ring and little fingers are bent and touched by the thumb [] . The tips of the middle and index fingers touch the peak of the cap, two fingers meaning "honour" and "fatherland" ("Honor i Ojczyzna").fact|date=November 2007

It is not clear when the two-fingers salute appeared in Polish military forces. Some see its origin in Tadeusz Kościuszko's 1794 in 1831, when a soldier who lost two fingers in the battle saluted his superior with a wounded hand.

The two-fingers salute caused problems for Polish units serving with the Allies on the western front during World War II. Allied officers, seeing what they perceived as a Cub Scout's salute, thought that Polish soldiers either were deliberately being disrespectful, or were intoxicated. As a result many soldiers were arrested, until the misunderstanding could be explained. This led to the temporary use of the full hand salute when saluting foreign officers.

Cub Scouting

Many Cub Scout sections also use a two-finger salute.

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