Yellow dog

Yellow dog

Yellow dog can refer to:;Animals:
* Yellow Dog or [Yellow Dog Nantucket] , Nantucket's Original Fog Warning
* Yellow Dog or Carolina Dog, wild dog variety in the southern United States
* "Old Yeller", novel about a yellow dog, probably a Blackmouth Cur
* Yellow Dog Dingo, a character in Rudyard Kipling's "Just So Stories"

* Yellow Dog (bootlegger), created bootleg records
* Yellow Dog (band), minor 1970s band, who charted in the UK with "Just One More Night"
* Yellow Dog (novel), 2003 novel by Martin Amis
* "Yellow Dog", underground comic book
* , 1995 family film starring Jesse Bradford
* Yellow Dog (Variety), a variety show by Hasseåtage. Originally known in sweden as "Gula Hund".

* Professional wrestler Brian Pillman

;Other meanings:
* [Yellow Dog] a pop cultural icon featured on clothing.
* Yellow-dog contract, an agreement between an employer and an employee regarding labor unions
* Yellow Dog Linux, Linux distribution by Terra Soft Solutions
* Yellow dog Democrats, American political term for Democratic voters in Southern states
* Slang name of the Yazoo & Mississippi Valley Railroad, located in the Mississippi Delta
* Obsolete slang Ca. 1918 (WWI era): one who spoke against the war or the government, or showed Pro-German sympathies. A traitor and/or coward.

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