Chen Qun

Chen Qun
Chen Qun
Minister of Cao Wei
Born (Unknown)
Died 237
Simplified Chinese 陈群
Traditional Chinese 陳群
Pinyin Chén Qún
Wade-Giles Ch'en Ch'ün
Style name Changwen (長文)

Chen Qun (died 237) was a minister of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history.

Chen Qun initiated the Nine-rank system for civil service nomination in Cao Wei. Following the death of the ruler Cao Pi, Chen Qun became the Guardian of Cao Wei's military forces. Chen Qun, Sima Yi and Cao Zhen nominated Cao Pi's son, Cao Rui, to become the new emperor.


Appointments and titles held

  • Attendant Officer (別駕) to Liu Bei when the latter was in Yu Province (豫州)
  • West Assistant to the Excellency of Works (司空西曹掾屬)
  • Palace Assistant Imperial Clerk (御史中丞)
  • Palace Attendant (侍中)
  • East and West Assistant to the Chancellor (丞相東西曹掾)
  • Marquis of Changwu (昌武亭侯)
  • Imperial Secretary (尚書)
  • Deputy Director in the Imperial Secretariat (尚書僕射)
  • Chief Imperial Secretary (尚書令 / 錄尚書事)
  • Marquis of Ying (潁鄉侯)
  • Senior General Who Guards the Army (鎮軍大將軍)
  • Central Protector of the Army (中護軍)
  • Marquis of Yingyin (潁陰侯)
  • Excellency of Works (司空)
  • Marquis Jing (靖侯) - granted to Chen Qun posthumously

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