Sima Wang

Sima Wang

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Sima Wang (205 - 271) served the Kingdom of Wei, and later, the Jin Dynasty as a general during the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history. He was the second son of Sima Fu, but would later be adopted by Sima Lang and succeed him.


From the time when Sima Zhao held real power over the Kingdom of Wei, Sima Wang came into favor and was given high positions. Against invasions by the Kingdom of Shu, Sima Wang took command and successfully repulsed the enemy. For this accomplishment, he was given the rank of Minister over the Masses (司徒).

When Sima Yan became the first emperor of the Jin Dynasty, Sima Wang was again promoted, this time to Commander of the Armed Forces (大司馬), and he was given the title of Prince of Langyang (義陽王), elevating his status to nobility.

Of Sima Wang, it was said that he was a very able man, and that he enjoyed debates with other men of intelligence.



*Sima Yi (司馬弈)
*Sima Hong (司馬洪)
*Sima Zheng (司馬整)
*Sima Mao (司馬楙)

Other Family

*Sima Qian (司馬遷) (famous historian)

*Sima Fu (司馬孚) (biological father)
*Sima Lang (司馬朗) (adopted father)


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