Nihon University

Nihon University
Nihon University
Established 1889
Type Private
President Katsue Kojima
Admin. staff 1,720
Undergraduates 68,817
Location Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
35°41′28″N 139°44′15″E / 35.691°N 139.737608°E / 35.691; 139.737608Coordinates: 35°41′28″N 139°44′15″E / 35.691°N 139.737608°E / 35.691; 139.737608
Campus 622 acres/252 ha
Colors pink

Nihon University (日本大学; Nihon Daigaku abbreviated as 日大 Nichidai) is the largest university in Japan. Akiyoshi Yamada, the minister of justice, founded Nihon Law School (present: Department of Law) in October 1889. Most of the university's campuses are in the Kantō region, the vast majority in Tokyo or surrounding areas, though two campuses are as far away from Tokyo as Shizuoka Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture. Unlike the separate campus systems of many American universities (eg. the University of California or the SUNY systems), these campuses do not represent separate universities, but normally accommodate a single college or school (gakubu, 学部 in Japanese).

The university comprises a federation of colleges and institutes known for having produced numerous CEOs of Japanese companies. The College of Art (日芸Nichigei) is well known as it produces many artists who represent Japan in photography, theater, and cinema.

Nihon University Head Office


Faculties and graduate schools

Colleges and departments

  • College of Law (1889-; Chiyoda, Tokyo & Saitama, Saitama)
    • Law / Political Science and Economics / Journalism / Management Law / Public Administration
  • College of Humanities and Sciences (1901-; Setagaya, Tokyo)
    • Philosophy / History / Japanese Language and Literature / Chinese Language and Culture / English Literature / German Literature
    • Sociology / Education / Physical Education / Psychology
    • Geography / Geosystem Sciences / Mathematics / Computer Science and System Analysis / Physics / Integrated Science in Physics and Biology / Chemistry
  • College of Economics (1904-; Chiyoda, Tokyo)
    • Economics (1st division / 2nd division / international course) / Industrial Management
  • College of Commerce (1904-; Setagaya, Tokyo)
    • Commerce / Business Administration / Accounting
  • College of Art (1921-; Nerima, Tokyo & Tokorozawa, Saitama)
    • Photography / Cinema / Fine Arts / Music / Literary Arts / Drama / Broadcasting / Design
  • College of International Relations (1978-; Mishima, Shizuoka)
    • International Relations / Intercultural Relations / Global Exchange Studies / International Business and Information
  • College of Science and Technology (1920-; Chiyoda, Tokyo & Funabashi, Chiba)
    • Civil Engineering / Transportation Engineering and Socio-Technology / Architecture / Oceanic Architecture and Engineering / Mechanical Engineering / Precision Machinery Engineering / Aerospace Engineering / Electrical Engineering / Electronics and Computer Science / Materials and Applied Chemistry / Physics / Mathematics
  • College of Industrial Technology (1952-; Narashino, Chiba)
    • Mechanical Engineering / Electrical and Electronic Engineering / Civil Engineering / Architecture and Architectural Engineering / Applied Molecular Chemistry / Industrial Engineering and Management / Mathematical Information Engineering / Liberal Arts and Basic Science
  • College of Engineering (1947-; Koriyama, Fukushima)
    • Civil Engineering / Architecture / Mechanical Engineering / Electrical and Electronics Engineering / Materials Chemistry and Engineering / Computer Science
  • School of Medicine (1925-; Itabashi, Tokyo)
    • Medicine
  • School of Dentistry (1921-; Chiyoda, Tokyo)
    • Dentistry
  • School of Dentistry at Matsudo (1971-; Matsudo, Chiba)
    • Dentistry
  • College of Bioresource Science (1943-; Fujisawa, Kanagawa)
    • Plant Science and Resources / Animal Sciences and Resources / Marine Sciences and Resources / Forest Sciences and Resources / Bioenvironmental and Agricultural Resources / Food Science and Technology / Agricultural and Biological Chemistry / Applied Biological Sciences / Food Economics / International Development Studies / Veterinary Medicine
  • College of Pharmacy (1952-; Narashino, Chiba)
    • Pharmacy / Biological Pharmacy
  • Correspondence Division (1948-; Chiyoda, Tokyo)

Graduate schools

  • Advanced Research Institute for the Sciences and Humanities
  • Graduate School of Law
  • Graduate School of Liberal Arts
  • Graduate School of Science and Technology
  • Graduate School of Integrated Basic Sciences
  • Graduate School of Economics
  • Graduate School of Commerce
  • Graduate School of Art
  • Graduate School of International Relations
  • Graduate School of Industrial Technology
  • Graduate School of Engineering
  • Graduate School of Medicine
  • Graduate School of Dentistry
  • Graduate School of Dentistry at Matsudo
  • Graduate School of Bioresource Science
  • Graduate School of Pharmacy
  • Graduate School of Business
  • Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies
  • Law School

Teaching staff

See Nihon University faculty.


* Did not graduate.


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