Symon Gould

Symon Gould

Symon Gould (d. November 24, 1963) was the founder of the American Vegetarian Party, formed in 1948. He was their candidate for President of the United States in the 1960 and 1964 presidential elections.

Gould was also secetary of the Vegetarian Society of New York, and a promoter of Herbert M. Shelton's American Natural Hygiene Society (Iacobbo 158, 161).

He was a bibliophile, rare book dealer, and director of the American Library Service. [,10987,779941,00.html] [,10987,816859,00.html]

Gould had also been the founder of the International Film Arts Guild in New York. According to one account, he edited the American print of the silent film Nosferatu (Skal 2004:149). Gould is credited with boosting the "art house theater" (or "little cinema") movement by his screenings at the Cameo Theatre in New York (Melnick and Fuchs 2004:69).


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