Hyperpituitarism is the result of excess secretion of adenohypophyseal trophic hormones most commonly by a functional pituitary adenoma. Other causes are hyperplasias and carcinomas of the adenohypophysis, secretion by non-pituitary tumours and certain hypothalamic disorders.

Clinical manifestations

Depending on the cell type(s) affected, clinical manifestations of hormone excess may include:
*Cushing's disease
*Precocious puberty
*Gigantism or Acromegaly
*Hyperthyroidism (rare)

Associated conditions

When there is an enlargement of the pituitary tissue, hyperpituitarism is often associated with:
*Visual field defects, classically bitemporal hemianopia
*Radiographic abnormalities of the sella turcica, such as sellar expansion, bony erosion and disuption of the diaphragma sellae
*Increased intracranial pressure


Symptoms caused by hormone excess and associated mass effects include:
* Headache
* Visual field loss or Double vision
* Excessive sweating
* Hoarseness
* Milk secretion from breast
* Sleep apnea
* Carpal tunnel syndrome
* Joint pain and limitation of motion
* Muscle weakness
* Numbness or tingling of skin

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