Indian Appropriations Act

Indian Appropriations Act

The Indian Appropriations Act is the name of several acts passed by the United States Congress.

1851 Act

In the 1850s, the US government had agreed upon assimilation and removal as the solution to the taking over of Native American lands by white traders and settlers. The 1851 Indian Appropriations Act is an act that gathered Native American tribes and placed them on reservations. Reservations were protected and enclosed by the US government. According to the government, reservations protected Native Americans from the growing population of whites moving westward,however this was not true. The reservations shrunk as increased white populations moved westward. This act set the precedent for modern-day Native American reservations.

1885 Act

After several attempts by the Boomers to enter Indian Territory, Congress passed the 1885 Act which allowed Indian tribes to sell unoccupied lands in their possession.

1889 Act

After years of try to open Indian Territory, President Grover Cleveland, on March 2, 1889, the 1889 Act which officially opened the Unassigned Lands to white settlers via homestead. On a sidenote, Grover Cleveland signed the Act into law days before his successor, Benjamin Harrison, took over as President of the United States.

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