__NOTOC__1001 (MI) was a common year starting on Wednesday in the Gregorian calendar. It is confirmed that the year 1001 AD was claimed to be the beginning of the 11th century and the second millennium.


By Place


* January 1 (?) - Grand Prince Stephen I of Hungary is named the first King of Hungary by Pope Silvester II.
* February 6 - After leading the revolt against Emperor Otto III and expelling the Crescentii, Gregory I, Count of Tusculum is derogatively named "Head of the Republic"
* July 31 - Emperor Otto III confirms possessions of Ulric Manfred II of Turin and grants him privileges.
* July - Sergius II becomes Patriarch of Constantinople
* Robert II, King of France marries for the third time, with Constance Taillefer d'Arles.
* Otto III, Holy Roman Emperor has Charlemagne's vault opened (see Aachen Cathedral).
* The First Battle of Alton: Danish invaders defeat the British.
* Battle of Pinhoe: Vikings defeat Anglo-Saxons in Devon.
* Boleslaw I of Poland begins ruling parts of Slovakia
* Vseslav Izyaslavich of Polotsk begins ruling Polotsk.
* Werner I, Bishop of Strasbourg begins ruling Archbishopric of Strasbourg.
* Second voyage of Ermengol I of Urgell to Rome.
* Þorgeirr Ljósvetningagoði ends being a lawspeaker in Iceland's Althing.
* Ælfgar, bishop of Elmham, is consecrated.
* Athelric, bishop of Shepborne, is consecrated (other date is 1002).
* Æthelred is a bishop of Cornwall and dies shortly after that.
* Founding of Lloret de Mar, Catalonian town.
* First reference to Khotyn, Ukrainian town cite web|url=http://www.kievantico.com.ua/service/travel_ukraine/hotin/|title=Khotyn|accessdate=2007-05-28|work=Antychnyi Kyiv|language=Russian]
* First reference to Nyalka, Hungarian village, as to "Chimudi".


* 1001 ± 40 years - Baitoushan volcano on what would be the Chinese-Korean border, erupts with a force of 6.5, the fourth largest Holocene blast.
* Tao/Tayk region is annexed by the Byzantines as the theme of Iberia
* Mahmud of Ghazni, Muslim leader of Ghazni, begins a series of raids into Northern India. He will finish his conquest in 1027 with the destruction of Somnath.
* Jayapala suffers defeat from Ghaznavid Empire near Peshawar.
* Rebellion Cửu Long in Thanh Hoa province
* Khmer King Jayavarman V is succeeded by Udayadityavarman I and/or Suryavarman I.
* Construction begins on the Liaodi Pagoda, the tallest pagoda in Chinese history (completed in 1055).
* The Buddhist ruler of Butuan (P’u-tuan in the Sung Dynasty records), Sari Bata Shaja, makes the first tributary mission to China.
* Oqropiri (Ioane I), Svimeon III and Melkisedek I are Catholicoi of Iberia within one year.


* Khazrun ben Falful from Maghrawa family Banu Khazrun begins ruling Tripoli.
* Al-Muizz begins ruling Morocco

North America

* c. 1001, Vikings, led by Leif Eriksson, establish small settlements in and around Vinland in North America.

By Topic


* King Edward the Martyr of England is canonized.
* A tomb of saint Ivo (possibly) is uncovered in Huntingdonshire.


* Byzantine Emperor Basil II attempts to reconquer Bulgaria.


* Princess Bishi of Japan (d. 1008)
* Godwin, Earl of Wessex (d. 1053)
* Herluin de Conteville, Norman nobleman (d. 1087)
* Ingegerd Olofsdotter, daughter of Olof Skötkonung (d. 1049)


* December 21 - Hugh of Tuscany, margrave of Tuscany (b. c. 950)
* Alawich II, Bishop of Strasbourg
* Athelstan, Bishop of Elmham
* Conrad of Ivrea, margrave of Ivrea
* Đinh Phế Đế, the second and the last king of Đinh dynasty
* Fujiwara no Sanenobu, son of Fujiwara no Tamemitsu (b. 964)
* Empress Fujiwara no Teishi of Japan (b. 977)
* Hrosvit, Saxon nun and poet
* Husan ud-Dawlah al-Muqallad, Uqailid Emir of Mosul
* Izyaslav Vladimirovich of Polotsk
* Jayapala, Emperor of Shahiya dinasty
* Jayavarman V, King of the Khmer Empire
* Saint Rainbold (Rannold)
* Saint Theobald (b. 927)
* Wang Yucheng, Chinese poet (b. 954)
* Ziri ibn Atiyya, Emir of Morocco, eventual effects of stab wounds

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