Gibraltar Anthem

Gibraltar Anthem
Gibraltar Anthem

Territorial anthem of

Lyrics Peter Emberley, 1994
Music Peter Emberley, 1994
Adopted 18 October 1994

The Gibraltar Anthem is the national song of the British overseas territory of Gibraltar.

In common with the United Kingdom, crown dependencies and other British territories, the official national anthem of Gibraltar is God Save the Queen. The Gibraltar anthem is the national song, and was chosen in a competition in 1994. Both the lyrics and music were composed by Peter Emberley, who is not a Gibraltarian.

The anthem is sung every 10 September by a school choir, accompanied by the general public, at the annual release of 30,000 red and white balloons on Gibraltar National Day.


Gibraltar, Gibraltar,
The Rock on which I stand,
May you be forever free,
Gibraltar, my own land.

Mighty pillar,
Rock of splendour,
Guardian of the sea,
Port of hope in times of need,
Rich in history.

Gibraltar, Gibraltar,
The Rock on which I stand,
May you be forever free,
Gibraltar my own land.

God give grace to this our homeland,
Help us to live as one,
Strong in freedom,
Truth and justice,
Let this be our song.

Gibraltar, Gibraltar,
The Rock on which I stand,
May you be forever free,
Gibraltar! Gibraltar!
My own land!

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