Xiahou Xuan

Xiahou Xuan


Xiahou Xuan (209 - 254), whose Chinese style name was Taichu (太初), was a Chinese minister of Wei and son of Xiahou Shang. Xiahou Xuan's mother was Cao Shuang's aunt (the sister of Cao Shuang's father), and thus he was close to Cao Shuang's faction. Despite this, he survived the overthrow and execution of Cao Shuang and his faction in 249. His sister, Lady Xiahou Hui, was Sima Shi's first wife, and was poisoned and killed by Sima Shi because she knew Sima Shi wanted to replace Cao Wei. Officially, the reason was that she died of illness. In 254, Xiahou Xuan, along with Li Feng, was ordered by the Wei Emperor Cao Fang to assassinate Sima Shi. However, this plot was quickly realized, and Xiahou Xuan was executed by having his body cut in half across the lower abdomen.

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