East India (disambiguation)

East India (disambiguation)

East India may refer to

* the eastern region of India
* the Indies
** any of various East India Companies historically operating in the Indies:
*** British East India Company, founded in 1600
*** Danish East India Company, founded in 1616
*** Dutch East India Company, founded in 1602
*** French East India Company, founded in 1664
*** Swedish East India Company, founded in 1731
*** Portuguese East India Company, founded in 1628
** Dutch East Indies (modern-day Indonesia)

* East India Docks in East London
** East India station on the Docklands Light Railway in East London

East Indian may refer to
* East Indians, an ethnic group based in and around the city of Mumbai, located in the Western part of India
* An incorrectly utilizedFact|date=November 2007 synonym for Indians in the US, Canada, Netherlands and some other places

"Note:" It would be atypical to refer to Native Americans (sometimes called "Indians") from the East as "East Indians". It would be more common to call them "Eastern Indians".

The "East Indies" were thus called to distinguish them from the West Indies, i.e. the Caribbean.


East India Company (Game)

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