Achit Nuur

Achit Nuur

Infobox lake
lake_name = Achit Nuur
image_lake =
caption_lake =
image_bathymetry =
caption_bathymetry =
location = Uvs Aimag
coords = coord|49|30|N|90|30|E|region:MN_type:waterbody|display=inline,title
type =
inflow =
outflow =
catchment =
basin_countries = Mongolia
length = 28 km
width = 16 km
area = 290 km²
depth =
max-depth =
volume =
residence_time =
shore =
elevation = 1,435 m
islands =
cities =

Achit Nuur ( _mn. Ачит Нуур) is the largest freshwater lake in the Uvs Aimag (province) of Mongolia, in the west of the country. At an elevation of 1,435 m above sea level it covers an area of 290 km². It is 28 km long, 16 km wide, and 10 m deep. The coast is covered with steppes, mostly hilly but swampy on the northwest and northeast. Several rivers also flow into the lake.

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