Pagan Pride

Pagan Pride

Pagan Pride is a movement among the American Neopagan community to provide a positive public image of Neopagans and Neopaganism.

Local Pagan Pride groups sponsor "Pagan Pride Day" festivals, usually in public locations such as city parks or university campuses. The festivals and activism are most likely based upon the inspirations of gay pride parades, or related concepts such as black pride. The first recorded reference to "Pagan Pride" can be traced to 1992.fact|date=November 2007

The Pagan Pride Project

The Pagan Pride Project is a non-profit organization whose aims are to promote understanding of Paganism, support various charities and bring Pagan communities closer together. It was founded in 1997.fact|date=November 2007 The project's logo shows various Pagan symbols encircling the Earth - the yin/yang symbol, Celtic cross, Mjollnir, a Triple Goddess symbol, an Eye of Horus, Venus of Willendorf, ankh, pentagram, triskelion, stone megaliths, Green Man, Enneagram and the Kabbalistic Tree of life.

Pagan Pride Day

Pagan Pride Day is an annual event held in a variety of locations across the world.fact|date=November 2007 The festivities are as varied as the communities which organize them. Some events are as simple as an open picnic or cook-out held in a local park. Some events are full-fledged festivals which rent venues with performance stages and food facilities. There are, however, several common elements.

First and foremost is the goal of educating the public about the beliefs and practices of various Neopagan traditions. The general public is invited and there are usually tables of reading materials, staffed by members of a range of Neopagan denominations. Speakers may focus on dispelling common misconceptions about Neopaganism, or they may seek to educate outsiders about the details of their particular beliefs and practices.

The second most common aspect is charitable work. Many Pagan Pride coordinating committees choose a local charity to support with fundraising and/or donations raised by the event. These charities might be organizations related to environmental conservation, animal rescues, food pantries, shelters for victims of domestic violence or other causes.

Pagan Pride Day events are usually welcoming to families and children. There are rules regarding what can and cannot occur at such events to this end.fact|date=November 2007 Many events provide a children's area where young Neopagans can participate in various creative and entertainment activities. Children might learn to play rhythm toys with a volunteer musician. They might make wands or other ritual tools for their own use. Mask making is always a popular activity. There are usually spiritual aspects to the children's activities without being too serious or cumbersome for them to comprehend. Often older children help their elders keep tabs on the smaller children, thus learning responsibility via community service.facts|date=November 2007

Many Pagan Pride festivals showcase local Neopagan performers, artisans and merchants. Some events offer open mike sessions where attendees can take a turn chanting, telling jokes, spinning tales, drumming, or reading poetry.fact|date=November 2007

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