USBC Masters

USBC Masters

The USBC Masters became an official ten pin Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) bowling event in 1998, and was designated one of the four majors in 2000. It is sanctioned by the United States Bowling Congress.

Prior to 2005 the tournament was known as the ABC Masters, sanctioned by the American Bowling Congress (which was merged into the USBC in 2005). One of four majors on the PBA Tour schedule, the USBC Masters began as an invitational event showcasing national and local bowling stars and has grown to become one of bowling’s most prestigious events.

While the event has evolved over the years, its trademark qualifying and double-elimination match play format has remained largely unchanged. All bowlers compete in 10 games of qualifying, with the top 25 percent of the field returning for five additional games to determine the top 63. Those qualifiers join the previous year’s champion in the double-elimination bracket.

More than 500 competitors turn out for the Masters each year with their sights set on a prize fund of $350,000, which includes a $100,000 top prize. ["New formats for new era." Article at, August 4, 2008.] The field, which now includes women, also features representatives from all 50 states and a handful of foreign countries.

The Masters is open to any USBC league member who has averaged 190 or higher for 21 games during the past two seasons, any non-USBC league member who is classified by the PBA as a Full Member, any bowler who has averaged 190 or higher in his/her past five ABC/WIBC/USBC Tournaments, and any state/provincial representatives who have placed first or second in the all-events category of their association tournament. Two ABC/USBC amateurs (Brett Wolfe and Brian Boghosian) have won the Masters since it became an official PBA event in 1998.

Recent Champions

2007 Sean Rash
2006 Doug Kent
2005 Mike Scroggins
2004 Danny Wiseman
2003 Walter Ray Williams Jr.
2002 Brett Wolfe
2001 Parker Bohn III
2000 Mika Koivuniemi
1999 Brian Boghosian
1998 Mike Aulby

NOTE: In May, 2008, the PBA announced it was revising its all-time records to include ABC Masters championships prior to 1998 as PBA titles (and majors), if the champion was a PBA member at the time. [All-time Denny's PBA Tour Titlists at]

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