Tattoo (disambiguation)

Tattoo (disambiguation)

A tattoo is a marking made by the insertion of pigment into the skin.

Tattoo may also refer to:

In military:

* HMAS "Tattoo", S-class destroyer
* Military tattoo, military drum performance
* Royal International Air Tattoo, British airshow
* Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo, large indoor show in Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia
* Virginia International Tattoo, an annual exhibition of military bands, massed pipes and drums, military drill teams, gymnasts, Scottish dancers, and choirs, held in Norfolk, Virginia

In music:

* "Tattoo" (album), 1973 album by Rory Gallagher
* "Tattoo" (The Who song), song by The Who from the album "The Who Sell Out".
* "Tattoo", song by Gang of Four (band) from the album "Shrinkwrapped".
* "Tattoo", song by "Janis Ian" from the album "Breaking Silence".
* "Tattoo You", album by "The Rolling Stones'.'
* "Tattoo", song by Alliance and Fabo.
* "Tattoo" (Mike Oldfield song), a single by Mike Oldfield, from the album Tubular Bells II.
* "Tattoo" (Jordin Sparks song), song by Jordin Sparks.
* "Tattoo" is also a song by Mercy Drive.

In fiction:

*"Tattoo" (1967 film), a 1967 West German film directed by Johannes Schaaf
*"Tattoo" (1981 film), a 1981 American thriller directed by Bob Brooks
*"Tattoo" (2002 film), a 2002 German film directed by Robert Schwentke
* Tattoo (character), portrayed by Hervé Villechaize on the TV series Fantasy Island
* Tattoo (comics), fictional mutant character in the Marvel Comics Universe
* Tattoo (Prison Break), the elaborate tattoo detailing the escape plan, which belongs to the protagonist of television series, "Prison Break"
* "Tattoo" ("Voyager" episode), the 24th episode of "Star Trek: Voyager"

In other fields:
* Tattoo (magazine), an alt- adult magizine.
* "Tattoo", locomotive design of Kerr Stuart
* Tattoo, rum product by Captain Morgan
* "Tattoo" teen newspaper, the largest teen-written newspaper in the world
* A slang term for hitting someone hard with a football.

ee also

* Audrey Tautou
* t.A.T.u., (the Russian Pop Music duo)

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