PhoneValet Message Center

PhoneValet Message Center

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latest_release_date = March 17, 2006
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PhoneValet Message Center (or, simply, "PhoneValet") is a Mac-based multi-line computer-telephony package from Parliant Corporation. The subject of favourable reviews in notable Macintosh magazines, including Macworld, MacAddict and MacHome, PhoneValet provides key computer-telephony functionality including voicemail, call recording, and the maintenance of a call history. The system is a combination of software and hardware. PhoneValet was awarded an Eddy award (Macworld Magazine's editors choice award) for 2006.


PhoneValet was initially released on July 23, 2003 as a system to maintain a list of inbound and outbound calls, including telephone numbers, start and end times and notes. The system also enabled pop-up announcements of incoming callers based on Caller ID, and a spoken announcement of this and ancillary information drawn from a user-maintained address book. Additional functionality included dialing with automatic determination of long distance and calling card codes. This initial version did not allow the telephone to be answered as the hardware device provided could not take the line off-hook.

On June 30, 2004, Parliant released version 2.0 of PhoneValet, now with the "Message Center" moniker. This version shipped with a revised hardware device (the same one shipping today) designed to allow the computer to answer the telephone. The 2.0 product integrated voice mail messages into the 1.0 product's call history system. The new device also supports automatic gain control, providing the ability to make high-quality audio recordings of both sides of telephone calls. The manufacturer made several further releases within the 2.0 rubric, adding the ability to dial in to check for messages, information center features and real-time voicemail audio screening. Version 3.0 of the product line shipped on July 12, 2005 and included ring tones and call blocking. The 4.0 version March 17, 2006 was a free upgrade adding automatic recording of all calls on the line (prior to this time call recording was activated manually by the user).

On November 20, 2006 Parliant released version 5.0 with automated attendant features and unlimited-depth call trees. Automated attendant functions allow a caller to specify the person, department or extension they wish to be transferred to. PhoneValet accomplishes this on a single line by paging the person or department through the computer's speakers, playing hold music to the caller in the meantime. If the call goes unanswered the caller is directed to a voice mailbox or to make further selections.

Key Features

* Voicemail
* Automated attendant
* Computer Dialing
* Call Recording with automatic gain control
* Interactive voice response features allowing scripts to be triggered by caller
* Permanent call history
* Call Announcement (visual and via speech synthesis)
* Fax Integration
* Network sharing of call information and announcements (optional)
* Podcast bundle for audio tune-ups (optional)


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