Objetivo Fama (season 3)

Objetivo Fama (season 3)

The third season of Objetivo Fama began on February 11, 2006. This season the judges are Roberto Sueiro, Hilda Ramos, and Fernando Allende. The show was hosted by Mexican singer Yuri.


Final Cutdown

Out of each audition, a group of semi-finalists were selected. Producers and judges then evaluated each and ended up selecting 20 contestants.

The 20 selected contestants were:

# Contestant Home Town Nationality Age *
1 Arquímides González Bayamón, Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Puerto Rican 19
2 Brigitte Dávila San Juan, Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Puerto Rican 19
3 Ediberto Carmenatty Boston, Massachusetts Puerto Rico Puerto Rican 18
4 Edwin Gómez New York Dominican Republic Dominican 26
5 Elionaid Iñiguez San Antonio, Texas Mexico Mexican 22
6 Francisco Salicrup Boston, Massachusetts Dominican Republic Puerto Rico Dominican/Puerto Rican 24
7 Guadalupe Castro Tucson, Arizona Mexico Mexican 22
8 Gustavo Gutiérrez Chicago, Illinois Mexico Mexican 24
9 Helen Ochoa Fresno, California Mexico Mexican 20
10 Jenilca Giusti Orlando, Florida Puerto Rico Puerto Rican 24
11 José Barraza Fresno, California Mexico Mexican 21
12 Josué Muñoz Los Angeles, California Mexico Mexican 22
13 Marlon Fernández Miami, Florida Cuba Cuban 28
14 Mary Ann Acevedo Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Puerto Rican 18
15 Melanie Figueroa San Juan, Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Puerto Rican 18
16 Patricia Mercado Sacramento, California Mexico Mexican 28
17 Patty Contreras New York Dominican Republic Dominican 22
18 Ronald Martínez Miami, Florida Venezuela Venezuelan 27
19 Soledad Sosa Houston, Texas Mexico Mexican 26
20 Sunel Molina Dallas, Texas Cuba Cuban 19

* Age was taken at the beginning of the contest (2006)

Weekly Shows


First Show: February 11

The songs performed during the first show were:

# Contestant Song Title Original Performer
1 Marlon Fernández "Llorarás" Oscar D'León
Edwin Gómez
2 Mary Ann Acevedo "El Frío de Tu Adiós" Olga Tañon
Jenilca Giusti
3 Patricia Mercado "La Pareja Ideal" Marisela and Marco Antonio Solís
Elionaid Iñiguez
4 Ediberto Carmenatty "Todo el Año" Obie Bermúdez
5 Josué Muñoz "Que Seas Feliz" Luis Miguel
6 Soledad Sosa "Víveme" Laura Pausini
Melanie Figueroa
7 Gustavo Gutiérrez "A Medio Vivir" Ricky Martin
8 Patty Contreras "El Me Mintió" Amanda Miguel
9 José Barraza "Bulería" David Bisbal
10 Helen Ochoa "Algo Más" La Quinta Estación
Brigitte Dávila
11 Ronald Martínez "Te Conozco Bien" Marc Anthony
Francisco Salicrup
12 Arquímedes González "Sin Miedo a Nada" Alex Ubago
Guadalupe Castro
13 Sunel Molina "Solo Otra Vez" Celine Dion

The two threatened competitors of the night were: Guadalupe Castro and Sunel Molina.

Second Show: February 18

The songs performed during the second show were:

# Contestant Song Title Original Performer
1 Marlon Fernández "Yo Sí Me Enamoré" Huey Dunbar
Francisco Salicrup
2 Arquímides González "Pueden Decir" Gilberto Santa Rosa
Edwin Gómez
3 Mary Ann Acevedo "Amar Sin Ser Amada" Thalía
Brigitte Dávila
4 Jenilca Giusti "Simplemente Amigos" Ana Gabriel
Melanie Figueroa
5 José Barraza "Nada Es Para Siempre" Luis Fonsi
Sunel Molina
6 Patty Contreras "Sin El" Pandora
Soledad Sosa
Patricia Mercado
7 Helen Ochoa "La Cigarra" Linda Ronstadt
8 Elionaid Iñiguez "Perfume de Gardenias" Alejandro Fernández
9 Ronald Martínez "Noviembre Sin Tí" Reik
Ediberto Carmenatty
Josué Muñoz
10 Gustavo Gutiérrez "La Tortura" Shakira and Alejandro Sanz
Guadalupe Castro

Guadalupe Castro was selected by the audience to leave the competition, while Sunel Molina got another chance to stay in the show.

The judges harshly criticized Guadalupe and Gustavo's performance of "La Tortura". Hence, Gustavo was threatened to leave the show together with ???.

Third Show: February 25

The songs performed during the third show were:

# Contestant Song Title Original Performer
1 Marlon Fernández "Valió La Pena" Marc Anthony
Ediberto Carmenatty
2 Patty Contreras "Como la Abeja al Panal" Juan Luis Guerra
Edwin Gómez
3 Arquímides González "Si Tú Supieras" Alejandro Fernández
Elionaid Iñiguez
4 Mary Ann Acevedo "Como Tu Mujer" Rocío Dúrcal
Patricia Mercado
5 Jenilca Giusti "Me Canse de ser la Otra" La India
Soledad Sosa
6 José Barraza "Amor del Bueno" Reyli
Josué Muñoz
7 Helen Ochoa "Loca" Ana Bárbara
Melanie Figueroa
8 Brigitte Dávila "Con Los Ojos Cerrados" Gloria Trevi
9 Ronald Martínez "Penélope" Diego Torres
Sunel Molina
Gustavo Gutiérrez
10 Francisco Salicrup "Angel" Jon Secada

Gustavo Gutiérrez was selected by the audience to leave the competition, while ??? got another chance to stay in the show.

Elionaid Iñiguez and ??? were threatened to leave the competition.

Contestant Profile Songs

Marlon Fernández


Patty Contreras

Arquímides González

Mary Ann Acevedo

Jenilca Giusti

José Barraza

Patricia Mercado

Helen Ochoa

Brigitte Dávila

Edwin Gómez

Ronald Martínez

Sunel Molina

Francisco Salicrup

Ediberto Carmenatty

Soledad Sosa

  • Age: 26
  • Lives: Houston, Texas
  • From: Mexico
  • Eliminated: March 19, 2006 (abandoned the competition)

Josué Muñoz

  • "Que Seas Feliz" (Luis Miguel)
  • "Noviembre Sin Tí" (Reik)
  • "Amor del Bueno" (Reyli)
  • "El Rey" (Luis Miguel)
  • "Solo Quedate en Silencio" (RBD)
  • "Te Quiero Tanto o Más Que Ayer" (Monchy y Alexandra)

Melanie Figueroa

Elionaid Iñiguez

Gustavo Gutiérrez

  • Age: 24
  • Lives: Chicago, Illinois
  • From: Mexico
  • Eliminated: February 25, 2006

Guadalupe Castro

  • Age: 22
  • Lives: Tucson, Arizona
  • From: Mexico
  • Eliminated: February 18, 2006

Weekly Shows

The weekly shows began on February 11, 2006 and are held at the Centro de Bellas Artes of Caguas. Each presentation opens with a huge dance/sing number where all the contestants participate.

Before each presentation, contestants are interviewed by host Yuri, while they present some of the things that happened the preceding week. After the contestants presentation, the three judges evaluate his performance. Guest judges might be brought from time to time.

Threatenings and Eliminations

Each week, based on the contestants performances, the judges threaten a maximum of three contestants to abandon the competition. In the first weeks, the professors "save" one of them based on their week's performance during rehearses. The remaining threatened contestants are then subject to the evaluation of the public during the next week, where the audience has the right to vote for who they want to stay or leave. The results are announced in the next show.

"Con tus Estrellas en Vivo" (2006)

Con tus Estrellas en Vivo
Compilation album by Objetivo Fama
Released June 2006
Recorded 2006
Genre Latin pop, Pop, Ballad
Length 26:14
Label Acisum Group
Univision Music Group

Acisum Group

Singles from Con tus Estrellas en Vivo
  1. "Kilometros"
    Released: May, 2006
Objetivo Fama chronology
Con un Sueño
Con tus Estrellas en Vivo
Las Voces de tus Estrellas

Con tus Estrellas en Vivo is the third compilation album recorded by the reality show Objetivo Fama at their Third Season. The first and only single of this album are "Kilometros", a song of the duo "Sin Bandera", here, interpreted by Arquimides Gonzales and Marlon Fernandez (winner of that season).

Track listing

  1. "El Triste" - (Sunel & Arquímides González) - 2:47
  2. "El Hombre que yo Amo" - (Briggitte & Mary Ann Acevedo) - 3:01
  3. "Kilometros" - (Marlon & Arquímides González) - 2:48
  4. "Preciosa" - (Marlon Fernandez) - 2:52
  5. "Como abeja al panal" - (Patty & Edwin) - 2:40
  6. "Ahora quien" - (Jose & Francisco) - 2:14
  7. "Para darte mi vida" - (Ronald & Jenilca Giusti) - 2:48
  8. "Todo el año" - (Ediberto) - 1:58
  9. "Dile" - (All) - 2:29
  10. "Nuestro Amor" - (All) - 3:26


  • Vocals – Objetivo Fama contestants
  • Background vocals – Objetivo Fama contestants


  • Executive Producer: Ender J. Vega (Acisum Group), Soraya Sánchez
  • Associates Producers: Angelo Torres,
  • Pre-Production: Yamilín Rivera, Josema Hernandez-Centeno
  • Recording studio: "MAS AUDIO" (Toa Baja, Puerto Rico)
  • Mastering: Papo Sánchez
  • Photography: Fabián Lira (Univision.com)
  • Art Direction and design: Guillermo A. Alonso
  • Fashion "Gurú": Karina Vélez
  • Stylist & Makeup: Wanda Montes Salón


Some controversies that surfaced during the season.

  • On April 1, 2006 it was announced that competitor Ediberto Carmenatty had to leave the competition due to medical reasons. The reasons were loosely disclosed, but apparently Carmenatty was suffering from some sort of injury on his back and leg. This was particularly shocking to everybody because Carmenatty was both one of the strongest competitors of the show and one of the most loved by both his fellow competitors and the audience.
  • Without a doubt, the biggest controversy so far is the elimination of strong competitor Soledad Sosa from the competition. On March 19, 2006, she decided to quit the competition and abandoned the house with her husband returning to Houston, Texas. Her parents have complained because they've never gotten along with him and have accused him of manipulating Sosa's decision. The production of the show has also inferred that there might be some legal repercussions to her decision because of the contract each contestant signed. Sosa was one of the best singers of the group, receiving always high evaluations from the judges and not being threatened in any of the shows.
  • The attitude of some of the contestants has also rose some controversy. More notable were the issues surrounding Sunel Molina during the first weeks, where he argued with lots of his fellow competitors and teachers for several reasons. Other contestants that have had problems because of their attitude have been Ronald Martínez and Francisco Salicrup.
  • During the third or fourth week of the show, some of the male competitors were reprimanded by Lunna (the administrator of the house/studio) for not waking up early for rehearsals and classes. Some of the competitors reprimanded for this were Marlon Fernández, Edwin Gómez, Arquimides González and José Barraza.
  • During the fourth week, it was also brought to attention the poor conditions in which most of the contestants had their rooms. This was shown in the weekly show because Francisco Salicrup complained about the hygiene of his friends.
  • Some contestants, namely Josué Muñoz and Helen Ochoa, argued the judge's decisions to threaten them repeatedly in the early shows of the competition even implying that there might be favoritism to other contestants. Josué was eliminated on March 18, 2006.

After the Show

  • Season winner Marlon Fernández released his first album titled Mi Sueño in 2006. The album features several songs written by Olga Tañon and a duet with La India. In 2008, he released his second album titled Homenaje a Juan Luis Guerra. He has been nominated to several Billboard Latin Music Awards as well as some Lo Nuestro Awards.
  • Third finalist Arquímides González released his first album titled Mil Violines in early 2007.
  • Fourth finalist Mary Ann Acevedo was the first contestant to release an album. Her self-titled album was released in mid-2006.
  • Jenilca Giusti is about to release her first album and the first single is already on radio.
  • Helen Ochoa released a project titled Dos Destinos in early 2007. This project was originally intended to be a dual project with fellow contestant Melanie Figueroa, but the latter dropped from it for health reasons.
  • Gustavo Gutiérrez, boyfriend of fellow competitor Jenilca Giusti, is taking acting courses and has already received several offers in Miami and Venezuela.
  • Ediberto Carmenatty, Arquímides González, and Mary Ann Acevedo in company of some of the other contestants of Objetivo Fama's 5th Season are now part of a group called "Los Favoritos" and after having a successful show in CBA are having a concert on the Roberto Clemente Coliseum.

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