Time in Chile

Time in Chile

Continental Chile is situated geographically in UTC−05.[1]

Currently, Chile uses 2 different UTC offsets at any given point in the calendar year. Since it practices daylight saving time, in total 4 time zones are used. Current rules are in effect since 1970.[1]

  • During winter, after the second Saturday of March and up to the second Saturday of October
    • For the mainland, it uses UTC-4 (CLT, Chile Standard Time)
    • For Easter Island, it uses UTC-6 (EAST, Easter Island Standard Time)
  • During summer, after the second Saturday of October and up to the second Saturday of March daylight saving time is in effect

In mainland Chile Time is changed at 24:00 on a Saturday, i.e. at 0:00 on the following Sunday. In Easter Island time is changed at 20:00 on a Saturday.[1]



On March 1st, 1894, the first official time signal operates in Valparaiso at -4 hours, 46 minutes and 34 seconds with respect to GMT (UTC disn't exist).[1]

In 1903 another official time was operating in Coquimbo. It was synchronized at -4 hours, 45 minutes 20,7 seconds with respect to GMT.[1]

In January 10, 1910, Chile adopted GMT-5 as its official time.[1]

On July 1st, 1919 time was set as 4 hours 42 minutes 46.3 seconds before Greenwich.[1]

tz database

coordinates TZ comments UTC offset DST Notes
−3327−07040 America/Santiago Chile - most locations -04:00 iUTC−03
−2709−10926 Pacific/Easter Easter Island & Sala y Gomez -06:00 gUTC−05


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