List of authors of erotic works

List of authors of erotic works

This is a list of notable authors of erotic literature.

Sex manuals

* Vatsayana -- famous for the "Kama Sutra"
* Yasodhara -- author of the Jayamangala
* Kokkoka -- author of the Ratirahasya
* Kalyanamalla -- author of the Ananga Ranga
* Praudha Devaraya -- author of the Ratiratna Pradipika
* Ovid -- Roman author famous for the "Ars Amatoria"
* Ge Hong-- Jin dynasty author of Pao-Pu Zhi
* Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Nafzawi -- author of The Perfumed Garden
* Hua Tuo-- author of On Venereal disease.
* Sun Simiao-- author of On the Loss and Gain of The Chamber Art
* Wan Quan-- author of Essentials for Extending Posterity
* Gao Lian-- author of On Abstinence in Sex


* [Ciana Stone] - award winning author of erotic fiction, including Wyatt's Chance and Chase'n'Ana
*Al Steiner -- prolific author of erotic novels
*Alexander Pushkin -- author of the "Gabriliad"
*Alexander Trocchi
*Anaïs Nin -- author of "Delta of Venus"
*Anne Rice, also writing as A. N. Roquelaure
*Anne Tourney also published as Alaine Hood
*Arabella Knight -- author of "Let's Play Anal Twister"
*Aran Ashe
*Barry N. Malzberg--author of "Screen" and writer/editor for Olympia Press
*Catherine Robbe-Grillet, writing as Jean de Berg and Jeanne de Berg
*D. H. Lawrence -- author of "Lady Chatterley's Lover"
*Emmanuelle Arsan -- author of the novel "Emmanuelle" and various other works
*Georges Bataille -- author of "Story of the Eye"
*Giovanni Boccaccio -- Italian author contemporary and friend of Petrarch; wrote "Decameron" a collection of 100 short stories, some of which are erotic, considered masterpieces of the genre.
*Günter Grass -- author of "The Tin Drum" and "Cat and Mouse"
*Henry Miller -- author of "Tropic of Cancer"
*Ivan Barkov
*John Cleland -- author of "Fanny Hill"
*Jun'ichirō Tanizaki -- author of "The Key", "Naomi", and "Quicksand"
*Kathy Acker -- postmodern pornographer, author of I Dreamt I Was A Nymphomaniac
*Kenzaburo Oe -- author of "Seventeen", "J", and "A Personal Matter"
*Laura Antoniou -- author of "The Marketplace"
*Leopold von Sacher-Masoch -- author of "Venus in Furs"
*Madeline Moore-- author of "Wild Card" and "Amanda's Young Men" and "Sarah's Education"
*Mark Twain -- author of "1601"
*Matthew Miller -- author of "Secrets and Lies" and "The Dark Lives of Men"
*Mitzi Szereto -- author of Getting Even: Revenge Stories; The New Black Lace Book of Women’s Sexual Fantasies among others.
*Nicolas Chorier – author of "L'académie des dames"
*Patrick (Pat) Califia -- author of "Macho Sluts"
*Pauline Réage -- author of "Story of O"
*Penny Birch
*Shadow Parker -- author of "The Unleashing of Sara Miller"
*Susie Bright
*Sylvia Day
*Tamara Thorne -- author of the "Sorority" series
*Tobsha Learner -- author of 2 erotica short story collections, namely "Tremble" and "Quiver"
*Vladimir Nabokov -- Russian-born English-language writer, author of "Lolita"
*Wendy Swanscombe
*William Levy
*William Simpson Potter -- author of "Romance of Lust"
*Yasunari Kawabata -- author of "Beauty and Sadness"
*Yukio Mishima -- author of the homoerotic novels "Forbidden Colors" and "Confessions of a Mask"
*the Marquis de Sade -- author of "Justine, or the Misfortunes of Virtue"
*Caitlín R. Kiernan — author of "Frog Toes and Tentacles", "Tales from the Woeful Platypus", and "Sirenia Digest".

Chinese erotica

*Li Yu -- author of "The Carnal Prayer Mat"
*Lanling Xiaoxiao Sheng -- author of "Jin Ping Mei"
*Zhang Chunfan - Tang dynasty author of The Turtle with Nine Tails
* Lu Tiancheng (b. 1580) -- Ming dynasty author of "The Embroidered Couch" (Arsenal Pulp Press) [ link]
* "The Embroidered Couch" (Arsenal Pulp Press) free ebook at Wowio [ link]
* Ling Mengchu -- Ming dynasty author of "In the Inner Quarters: Erotic Stories From Ling Mengchu's Two Slaps" (Arsenal Pulp Press) [ link]
* "In the Inner Quarters: Erotic Stories From Ling Mengchu's Two Slaps" (Arsenal Pulp Press) free ebook at Wowio [ link]


*Ovid -- Roman erotic poet
*Catullus -- Roman erotic poet
*Sextus Propertius -- Roman poet
*Sappho -- Greek poetess from the island of Lesbos who wrote love poetry to young women.
*Petrarch -- Italian poet, considered, together with Dante, the father of Renaissance. His love sonnets dedicated to Laura are masterpieces of erotic poetry
*Bai Juyi-- Romatic poet of Tang dynasty
*King Solomon--Author, according to Judeo-Christian tradition, of the Song of Songs.
*John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester -- British 17th Century libertine


* Emmanuelle Arsan, author of "Emmanuelle"
* Vanessa Duriès, author of "Le lien"
* Nancy Friday
* Henry Spencer Ashbee, author of "My Secret Life"
* Frank Harris, multiple-volume memoir "My Life and Loves"
* Catherine Millet, author of "The Sexual Life of Catherine M."
* Georges Simenon
* Xaviera Hollander, author of "The Happy Hooker"
* Eric Van


* Edison Chen, author of "Edison Chen photo scandal"

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