Stage Entertainment

Stage Entertainment

The musical production company Stage Entertainment is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It has a very successful subsidiary in Germany based in Hamburg which almost has a monopoly in Germany.


Stage Entertainment emerged from the "Live Entertainment Division" of Endemol to become its own company lead by Joop van den Ende. The international group owns and licenses more than 70 productions worldwide, employs nearly 5000 employees and owns or runs theaters in eleven countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia and the United States.

In 2002 the German subsidiary took over the insolvent "Stella AG". Through Stella AG they acquired many productions and theaters, including the Theater Neue Flora in Hamburg.


On June 1st 2005 the German division took over the "Ticket Online Software GmbH". "Ticket Online" run a booking system for tickets and is used by several hundred ticket agencies in Germany.

In 2005 Stage Entertainment founded along with Dutch dance event organiser ID&T the company "ID&T Germany". The first production welcomed about 15.000 visitors in Juli 2005 to "Sensation White" in Veltins-Arena (Gelsenkirchen), which was an adaptation of the event of the same name in Amsterdam.

With TopTicketLine the Stage Entertainment has an own call center for ticket sales. The call center was moved from Hamburg to Parchim in 2004.

"Holiday on Ice" now also belongs to Stage Entertainment. The latest show was "Romanza" and belongs to the "Passion Tour 2005 - 2006". The performance "Fantasy" does belong to that, too. "Romanza" and "Fantasy" toured in Germany with a total of 270 performances between October 2005 and March 2006 in 25 German cities.

The Off-Broadway theater complex known as "Dodger Stages" has been acquired by Stage Entertainment International. The complex with its five theaters has been renamed to New World Stages.


"Stage Entertainment" has several subsidiaries in several countries:
* The Netherlands - "Stage Entertainment The Netherlands":* Joop van den Ende Theaterproducties (Musical productions, since 1988):* Joop van den Ende Theaterarrangementen (Business-to-business):* TopTicketLine (Ticketing):* Holiday on Ice (Entertainment on ice, since 1943):* Wentink Events (Tailor-made show formats):* Stage Events (Events, conventions, meetings, ...)
* Germany:* Stage Entertainment GmbH (Called "Stage Holding - The Theatre Company" until August 2005, musical productions, since 2001):* Holiday on Ice (Entertainment on ice, since 1943):* TopTicketLine GmbH (Ticketing):* Ticket Online (Ticketing, since 1997, acquired by "Stage Entertainment" in 2005):* Stage Entertainment Studios GmbH (studio renting)::* Joop van den Ende Academy (Called "Stella Academy" before acquisition by "Stage Entertainment")
* Spain:* Stage Entertainment España (Musical productions):* TopTicketLine Spain (Ticketing)
* United Kingdom:* Stage Entertainment United Kingdom Ltd. (Musical productions):* Adam Spiegel Productions Ltd (acquired Autumn 2006):* See Group Ltd (See Tickets ticket agency) acquired from Andrew Lloyd Webber, 31 January 2008
* United States of America:* New World Stages (Called "Dodger Stages" earlier, theater complex on Off-Broadway)
* Russia:* Stage Entertainment Russia (Musical productions, since 2004):* TopTicketLine Russia (Ticketing, since 2004)
* France:* Stage Entertainment France (Musical productions, since 2005)
* Italy:* Stage Entertainment Italy (Musical productions, since 2008)


Stage Entertainment also owns the theaters where its musical productions are played.

* The Netherlands:* Fortis Circustheater, The Hague (since 1991):* Beatrix Theater, Utrecht (since 1999):* VandenEnde Theater, Amsterdam (will be finished in 2009) - near Amsterdam RAI Railway Station:* Theater Fabriek Amsterdam, Amsterdam (since 2005)
* Germany:* Berlin::* Theater am Potsdamer Platz (built 1999, acquired 2002)::* Theater des Westens (built 1895/96, acquired 2003)
*Bremen:* Essen::* Colosseum Theater (built 1899, acquired 2001):* Hamburg::* Theater im Hafen (since 2001)::* Operettenhaus (built 1840, acquired 2002)::* Neue Flora Theater (built 1990, acquired 2002)::* Kehrwieder Varieté-Musik-Theater (since 2005):* Stuttgart::* Apollo Theater (built 1994, acquired 2002)::* Palladium Theater (built 1997, acquired 2002):* Oberhausen::* Metronom Theater (built 1998, acquired 2005)
* Spain:* Madrid::* Teatro Lope de Vega (built 1946)::* Teatro Coliseum (opened 1932, acquired 2001):* Barcelona::* Barcelona Teatre Musical (BTM)

* USA:* New World Stages, New York (Off-Broadway, complex with five theaters, opened in 2004)
* Russia:* MDM Theater, Moscow (acquired 2005)
* France:* Théâtre Mogador, Paris (acquired 2005/2006)

Musical productions

Critics say because of the amount of productions a monopoly is developing. In fact there's only one more company that defies Stage Entertainment with its productions We Will Rock You (Musical Dome, Cologne), Starlight Express (Starlight Express Theater, Bochum) and "Saturday Night Fever" (Capitol-Theater, Düsseldorf).

Musical theater productions of Stage Entertainment (in alphabetical order, current productions (as of July 2007) are bold, future productions in "italics"):

* 3 musketiers (cf. The Three Musketeers):* Netherlands (world premiere): Nieuwe Luxor Theater, Rotterdam (2003–2004):* Germany - "3 Musketiere" (revised version): Theater des Westens, Berlin (April 2005 – June 25th, 2006):* Germany: Apollo Theater, Stuttgart (November 22nd, 2006-January 31th, 2008)
* Aida:* Netherlands: Fortis Circus Theater, The Hague (2001–2002):* Germany: Colosseum Theater, Essen (October 2003 – July 2005):* Germany / Switzerland: Touring (since November 19th, 2005)
* André van Duin:* Netherlands: Beatrix Theater, Utrecht
* Beauty and the Beast:* Germany - "Die Schöne und das Biest": Palladium Theater, Stuttgart (December 5th, 1997 – December 22nd, 2000)*:* Netherlands and Belgium: Touring (since 2005):* Germany: Metronom Theater, Oberhausen (since December 18th, 2005):* Spain: Teatro Coliseum, Madrid (since October 3rd, 2007)
* Best of Musical 2006:* Germany: Touring (2006)
* Best of Musical 2007:* Germany: Touring 2007
* Blue Man Group:* Germany: Theater am Potsdamer Platz, Berlin (since May 2004):* England: New London Theatre (November 2005 - 24th June 2007)
* Cabaret:* Spain: Nuevo Teatro Alcalá, Madrid (2003 - 2006), National Tour (2006 - 2007) and Teatre Apolo, Barcelona (2007 - 2008):* Netherlands: Royal Theater Carré, Amsterdam (March 2006 - August 2006):* France: Théâtre des Folies Bergère, Paris (since October 2006)
* Cats:* Germany: Operettenhaus, Hamburg (April 18th, 1986 – January 2001)*:* Germany: Palladium Theater, Stuttgart (March 2nd, 2001 – July 28th, 2002)*:* Germany: Theater am Potsdamer Platz, Berlin (October 20th, 2002 – January 30th, 2004):* Spain: Teatro Coliseum, Madrid (2003–2005):* German-speaking countries: Touring (since April 2004):* Russia: MDM Theater, Moscow (since 2005):* Netherlands: Touring (since 2006)
* Das Sams Musical:* Germany: Schlossparktheater, Berlin
* Dirty Dancing:* Germany (European premiere): Neue Flora, Hamburg (since March 26th, 2006)
* Die Drei von der Tankstelle ("The Three from the gasoline station"):* Germany (world premiere): Schlossparktheater, Berlin (2005)
* Elisabeth:* Netherlands: Circustheater, Scheveningen (1999–2001):* Germany: Colosseum Theater, Essen (March 2001 – June 2003):* Germany: Apollo Theater, Stuttgart (April 2005 – September 17th, 2006)
* Jesus Christ Superstar:* Netherlands and Belgium: Touring (since 2005):* Spain: Teatro Lope de Vega, Madrid (since September 19th, 2007)
* Mamma Mia!:* Germany: Operettenhaus, Hamburg (since November 3rd, 2002):* Netherlands: Beatrix Theater, Utrecht (November 9th, 2003 – February 12th, 2006):* Germany ("Mamma Mia!" is the first musical to run in two German cities at the same time): Palladium Theater, Stuttgart (since July 18th, 2004):* Spain: Teatro Lope de Vega, Madrid (2004 - 2007) and Barcelona Teatre Musical, Barcelona (since 2007):* Belgium: Stadtsschouwburg, Antwerpen (since 2006)
* Mozart! Das Musical:* Germany: Neue Flora, Hamburg (September 21st, 2001 - June 30th, 2002)
* Musicals in Ahoy' 2006:* Netherlands: Ahoy' Rotterdam, Rotterdam (2006)
* My Fair Lady:* Netherlands: 1994:* Netherlands: Touring (November 5th, 2006)
* Nunsense:* Germany - "Non(n)sens": Schlossparktheater, Berlin (2006)
* Quatsch Comedy Club:* Germany: Quatsch Comedy Club (on the Reeperbahn), Hamburg (since 2006)
* Saturday Night Fever:* "Spain - "Fiebre del sábado noche": Teatro Coliseum, Madrid (2009)"
* Tanz der Vampire "(Dance of the Vampires)":* Germany: Apollo Theater, Stuttgart (March 31st, 2000 – 2003)**:* Germany: Theater Neue Flora, Hamburg (December 7th, 2003 – January 22nd, 2006):* Germany: Theater des Westens, Berlin (December 10th, 2006)
* Tarzan:* "Netherlands: Fortis Circustheater, The Hague (will premiere in 2007)":* "Germany: Theater Neue Flora, Hamburg (October 2008)
* The Lion King:* Germany - "Der König der Löwen": Theater im Hafen, Hamburg (since December 2nd, 2001):* Netherlands: Fortis Circustheater, The Hague (2004-2006):* "France - "Le Roi Lion": Théâtre Mogador, Paris (2007)":* "Spain - "El Rey León": Teatro Lope de Vega, Madrid (2009)"
* The Phantom of the Opera:* Germany - "Das Phantom der Oper": Theater Neue Flora, Hamburg (June 29th, 1990 – June 30th, 2001)*:* Netherlands: Circustheater, Scheveningen (1993–1996):* Germany: Palladium Theater, Stuttgart (November 1st, 2002 – May 23rd, 2004):* Spain: Teatro Lope De Vega, Madrid (2002–2004):* Germany: Colosseum Theater, Essen (September 29th, 2005-March 10th,2007)
* The Producers:* Spain: Teatro Coliseum, Madrid (2006-2007)"'
* The Wiz:* Netherlands: Beatrix Theater, Utrecht (September 2006)
* :* Netherlands - "Titanic": Koninklijk Theater Carré, Amsterdam (September 23rd, 2001 - 2002):* Germany - "Titanic - Das Musical": Neue Flora, Hamburg (December 8th, 2002 - October 5th, 2003)
* Victor/Victoria:* Spain: Teatro Coliseum, Madrid (2005-2006)"'

Productions marked with an asterisk were produced by "Stella Entertainment AG" which was acquired by "Stage Entertainment" ("Stage Holding" respectively) in 2002. Those marked with two asterisks were "Stella" productions which were continued by "Stage Entertainment" in 2002.

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