List of historians by area of study

List of historians by area of study

This is a list of historians categorized by their area of study. See also List of historians.

By time period

Ancient history

*Ram Sharan Sharma Eminent Historian of Ancient India.
*Michael Crawford (historian)
*Edward Gibbon (1737-1794) - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
*Peter Green - Ancient Greece and Macedon
*Barbara Levick (born 1932, British) - Roman emperors
*Ramsay MacMullen History of Rome
*Theodor Mommsen (1817–1903) History of Rome (Mommsen)
*Barthold Georg Niebuhr (1776–1831) - Roman history
*Howard Hayes Scullard (1903-1983) - Roman civilization
*Ronald Syme (1903 - 1989) - Classical period
*Joseph Tainter

Medieval history

*Placido Puccinelli (1609-1685, Italian) - Northern Italy in the tenth century and the Florentine church
*Marc Bloch (1886-1944, French) - Medieval France
*John Boswell (1947-1994, American) - Homosexuality in the Middle Ages
*Norman Cantor (1930-2004)
*Georges Duby (1924-1996, French) - Specialized in the history of France between the Capets and the Valois
*François-Louis Ganshof (1895-1980), Dutch - wrote on early medieval institutional history and feudalism
*Patrick Geary - early Middle Ages
*Geoffrey of Monmouth
*Geraldis Cambrensis
*Johan Huizinga (Dutch) - Wrote 'Waning of the Middle Ages'
*Jacques Le Goff
*Rev. F. X. Martin (Irish) - Mediævalist and campaigner
*Rosamond McKitterick - Frankish and Carolingian history
*Henri Pirenne (1862-1935) - the "Pirenne Thesis" of early Medieval development
*Eileen Power - Middle Ages
*Miri Rubin - social and religious history, 1100-1500
*Steven Runciman (1903–2000) - the Crusades
*Richard Southern (1912-2001)
*Sidney Painter
*John Julius Norwich
*Chris Wickham
*Retha Warnicke
*Pierre Bonnasie
*Aaron Gurevich
*Eric Christiansen
*Michael Prestwich

By nation or geographical area

North America

History of Canada

*Donald Creighton - Developed the Laurentian thesis
*Lionel Groulx (1878-1967) - The history of Quebec in particular and French North America in general
*Harold Innis - Economic historian of Canada
*Jack Granatstein - Political and Military historian of Canada
*W.L. Morton - Expert on western Canada

See also "List of Canadian historians".

History of the Caribbean

*Manuel Barcia
*Hilary Beckles
*Kamau Brathwaite
*Bridget Brererton
*Carl Campbell
*Selwyn H. H. Carrington
*Matt D. Childs
*Aviva Chomsky
*Edward L. Cox
*Michael Craton
*Maria del Carmen Barcia
*Reinaldo Funes
*Gloria Garcia
*Lillian Guerra
*N.A.T Hall
*B.W. Higman
*Vincent K. Hubbard - writes about St. Kitts and Nevis
*C. L. R. James
*Howard Johnson
*Franklin Knight
*Lucille Mathurin Mair
*Bernard Moitt
*Orlando Paterson
*Walter Rodney
*Verene Shepherd
*Alvin O. Thompson
*Eric Williams (1911-1981) - Focused on slavery and the slave trade, condemned imperialism

History of the United States

See also
*Stephen Ambrose (1936-2002) - Biographer of President Dwight D. Eisenhower
*Edward L. Ayers - U.S. South
*George Bancroft (1800-1891) - wrote first large-scale history of the US
*Charles A. Beard (1874-1948) - revisionist history of Founding Fathers suggesting monetary motivations
*William Brandon (1914–2002), historian of the American West and Native Americans.
*Alan Brinkley - Historian of the Great Depression
*Bruce Catton - American Civil War
*William Cronon - American environmental history, the frontier in New England, and the American West
*J. Frank Dobie - historian of Texas and the Southwestern United States
*David Herbert Donald
*W.E.B. Du Bois - historian of the Reconstruction
*Donald Fixico - Urban Indian identity
*Eric Foner - Civil War and Reconstruction
*Shelby Foote - (1916-2005) - American Civil War
*John Hope Franklin - historian of African Americans
*John A. Garraty
*Richard Hofstadter (1916-1970) - Progressivism and U.S. political history
*Peter Iverson - 20th century U.S. West/Native American history (emphasis in Navajo history)
*Winthrop Jordan- African-American history
*David Lavender (1910-2003) - Western U.S.
*David McCullough (1933- ) - general study, most notable work is recent biography of John Adams
*James M. McPherson - American Civil War
*D. W. Meinig - geographic history of America
*Gary Moulton - edited Lewis and Clark journals (The Definitive Nebraska Edition)
*David Nasaw - biography and U.S. cultural history
*Francis Parkman - Historian of the French and Indian War
*Harry W. Pfanz - American Civil War
*Dominic Sandbrook (1974-) - political history of the 1960s and 1970s
*Arthur Schlesinger Sr.
*Arthur Schlesinger Jr.
*Jean Edward Smith (1932- ) - biography, foreign policy, political economy, constitutional law, legal history, and politics
*Frederick Jackson Turner (1861-1932) - Developed the Frontier Thesis
*Frank Vandiver
*Alexander Scott Withers - Primary accounts of colonial western Virginia conflicts
*C. Vann Woodward (1908-1999) - Southern United States
*Howard Zinn (1922- ) - Political scientist and historian of the United States, often critical of common policies.

Latin America

History of Latin America

See also

*Marc Becker
*Aviva Chomsky
*James Dunkerley
*Mark Falcoff
*Ann Farnsworth-Alvear
*Humberto Fontova
*Mike Gonzalez
*Clarence H. Haring
*Daniel James (historian)
*Kenneth Maxwell
*William H. Prescott
*Peter Winn
*John Wirth
*John Womack


* Alonso de Góngora Marmolejo
* Pedro Mariño de Lobera
* Vicente Carvallo y Goyeneche
* Melchor Jufré del Águila


History of Europe

*Norman Davies
*Elizabeth Eisenstein, early printing and transitions in media
*John Lukacs
*Henri-Jean Martin, early printing and writing
*Henri Pirenne
*Robert Roswell Palmer
*J. Salwyn Schapiro
*Norman Stone
*Gordon Wright
*John Roberts (historian)

History of Belgium

*Henri Pirenne - Middle ages
*Sophie de Schaepdrijver - World War I

History of England and Britain

*The Venerable Bede (672 – 735)
*Angus Calder - Great Britain.
*Maurice Cowling - High political history.
*Eamon Duffy - 15th-17th century religious history (not "the Reformation")
*Geoffrey Rudolph Elton - Tudor period England.
*Charles Harding Firth (1857 – 1936) - 17th century Political History
*Antonia Fraser - England.
*Mary Anne Everett Green - Calendars of state papers and biographies
*William Gibson ecclesiastical history
*Samuel Rawson Gardiner (1829 – 1902) - 17th century Political History
*Geoffrey of Monmouth (died circa 1154)
*Edward Hasted - Kent
*J. H. Hexter - 17th century England.
*Christopher Hill (1912-2003) - 17th century England
*Gertrude Himmelfarb - Victorian social and cultural history.
*David Hume (1711–1776), Scottish Enlightenment Philosopher and author of six volume "History of England" (originally "History of Britain")
*Edward Hyde, 1st Earl of Clarendon (1609 – 1674) - English Civil Wars
*John Edward Lloyd (1861-1947) - Early Welsh history
*Thomas Babington Macaulay, 1st Baron Macaulay (1800 – 1859) English writer and historian whose most famous work was The History of England from the Accession of James the Second
*Lewis Bernstein Namier - 18th century politics
*Andrew Roberts, modern British history.
*A. L. Rowse (1903-1997) - The history of Cornwall and Elizabethan England
*Dominic Sandbrook (born 1974) - The 1960s and after
*John Robert Seeley (1834-1895)
*David Starkey (born 1945) - Tudor historian and TV presenter
*Lawrence Stone, The history of society and the family in England
*E. P. Thompson, (1924-1993), historian of the British working class
*George Macaulay Trevelyan (1876–1962) - Prolific author on many periods of English history
*Hugh Trevor-Roper, Baron Dacre of Glanton - 17th century Britain.
*Retha Warnicke (born 1939) - Tudor history and gender issues
*Cicely Veronica Wedgwood (1910-1997) - British historian
*Perez Zagorin - (1920 -) 16th and 17th century British/English history

History of the British Empire

*Gerald S. Graham
*Vincent T. Harlow
*William Roger Louis
*P. J. Marshall
*David Quinn
*D. M. Schurman
*Archibald Paton Thornton (1921-2004)
*Glyndwr Williams

History of France

*Julian T. Jackson (1954-) - French Historian
*Marc Bloch (1886-1944) - Medieval France
*Georges Duby (1924-1996) - Medieval France
*Lucien Febvre (1878-1956) - French historian.
*Alistair Horne - modern French military history.
*Douglas Johnson, historian of Modern France
*Simon Kitson, historian of Vichy France
*Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie - history of the French peasantry.
* [ Antoine Lilte] - 18th Century France
*Michael Marrus - Vichy France
*Roland Mousnier - early modern France.
*Robert Paxton - Vichy France
*Zeev Sternhell - French fascism.
*Eugen Weber - modern French history.
*John B. Wolf (1907-???) - French history
*Natalie Zemon Davis - early modern France.
* [ Isser Woloch] - 18th Century France
*Robert J. Young, the Third Republic.
*Gordon Wright (1912-2000):"See also List of historians of the French Revolution".

History of Germany

*Gisela Bock
*Alan Bullock
*Karl Dietrich Bracher
*Martin Broszat
*Gordon A. Craig
*Richard J. Evans
*Joachim Fest
*Fritz Fischer
*Klaus Hildebrand
*Andreas Hillgruber
*Heinz Zollin Hohne
*Eberhard Jäckel
*Ian Kershaw
*Klemens von Klemperer
*Claudia Koonz
*Timothy Mason
*Friedrich Meinecke
*Hans Mommsen
*Wolfgang Mommsen
*George Mosse
*Ernst Nolte'
*Steven Ozment
*Detlev Peukert
*Gerhard Ritter
*Hans Rothfels
*David Schoenbaum
*Jean Edward Smith
*Louis Leo Snyder
*Fritz Stern
*Michael Sturmer
*Hans-Ulrich Wehler
*Heinrich von Treitschke
*A.J.P. Taylor
*Hugh Trevor-Roper (1914-2003) - British historian and peer who specialized on Nazi leadership and incorrectly verified the authenticity of "The Hitler Diaries"
*Henry Ashby Turner
*Robert Waite
*John Wheeler-Bennett
*Michael Wolffsohn
*Alfred-Maurice de Zayas
*Rainer Zitelmann

History of Ireland

* Tírechán's account, fl. 660s or 670s
* Flann Mainistrech, died 25 November 1056
* John Clyn, fl. 1333 - 1349
* Seán Mór Ó Dubhagáin, d.1372
* Adhamh Ó Cianáin
* Gilla Isa Mor mac Donnchadh MacFhirbhisigh, fl. 1390 – 1418
* Pilip Ballach Ó Duibhgeannáin, fl. 1579–1590
* Geoffrey Keating
* Mícheál Ó Cléirigh, c. 1590 – 1643
* Dubhaltach MacFhirbhisigh, fl. 1643 - 1671
* Sir James Ware, 1594 - 1666
* Mary Bonaventure Browne, Poor Clare and historian, b. after 1610, d. after 1670
* Ruaidhrí Ó Flaithbheartaigh, 1629-1718
* Eugene O'Curry, 20 November 179430 July 1862
* John O'Donovan, 25 July 180610 December 1861
* Father Paul Walsh, 19 June 188518 June 1941
* Dermot MacDermot, 1906-1989
* Kathleen Hughes, d. 20 April 1977
* F.X. Martin, 1922 – 13 February 2000
* Brian Farrell b. 1929
* Kenneth Nicholls
* Dáibhí Ó Cróinín
* Ann Buckley
* Nollaig Ó Muraíle
* Catherine Swift
* Ailbhe MacShamhráin

History of Italy

*Roger Absalom Sheffield Hallam University : Resistance, Fascism, Modern Italian History
*Piero Bevilacqua Università di Roma "Sapienza : The Italian South
*R.J.B. Bosworth University of Western Australia, Reading University UK : Fascism, Mussolini,Historiography of Fascism
*Giorgio Candeloro Modern Italian History
*Martin Clark University of Edinburgh: Modern Italian History
*Simona Colarizi Università di Roma "Sapienza : Modern Italian History
*Enzo Collotti Università di Firenze: Fascism
*Paul Corner Fascism
*Benedetto Croce Philosophy of History ,Modern Italian History
*Costantino De Felice Abruzzo , Molise
*Renzo De Felice Fascism,biographer of Mussolini
*Alexander De Grand Fascism
*Victoria De Grazia Fascism, Women under Fascism
*Giovanni De Luna Action Party
*John Dickie Italian South, Italian nationalism and national identities, cultural history of liberal Italy, cultural and critical theory, organized crime, Italian food.
*Jonathan Dunnage Modern Italian Social History
*Christopher Duggan Modern Italian History
*John Foot Modern Italy History, The City
*Emilio Gentile Fascism
*Antonio Gibelli First World War
*Paul Ginsborg Università di Firenze: Postwar Italian History , Venetian revolution 1848
*Carlo Ginzburg Witchcraft and Agrarian cults, Microhistory
*M Isnenghi First World War, Fascism
*Adrian Lyttelton Fascism, Modern Italian History
*Robert Lumley The Italian South
*Salvatore Lupo Fascism,The Mafia
*Philip Morgan Fascism
*Luisa Passerini Oral History, Fascism
*Claudio Pavone Italian fascism, World War II and of antifascism.
*John Pollard The Church and Fascism
*Giuliano Procacci Modern Italian History
*Lucy Riall The Risorgimento, Garibaldi, Sicily
*Gaetano Salvemini Fascism, The French Revolution
*Christopher Seton-Watson Modern Italian History
*Denis Mack Smith Italian Modern History
*F M Snowden Modern Italian History, Fascism
*Nicola Tranfaglia Modern Italian History, Fascism, Anti-fascism Historiography
*Perry Willson University of Dundee: Fascism , Women under fascism

History of the Netherlands

*Jaap R. Bruijn
*Femme Gaastra
*Pieter Geyl
*John Lothrop Motley
*Jonathan Israel
*G. J. Renier
*Herbert H. Rowen

History of Poland

*Norman Davies (1939-) - modern Polish history.
*Pawel Jasienica (1909-1970) - Polish amateur historian.
*Wickham Steed

History of Portugal

*José Hermano Saraiva

History of Russia

*Nicholas Bethell
*Robert Conquest - The Soviet Union
*Orlando Figes
*Leopold Labedz
*Roy Medvedev
*Richard Pipes - The Soviet Union
*William Taubman - Nikita Khrushchev
* Peter Kenez -The Soviet Union and Soviet cinema

History of Scotland

*G. W. S. Barrow
*Steve Boardman
*Hector Boece
*George Buchanan
*Gilbert Burnet
*Tom Devine
*Gordon Donaldson
*John of Fordun
*Colin Kidd
*J. D. Mackie
*Norman Macdougall
*Rosalind Mitchison
*Richard Oram
*William Robertson
*Christopher Smout
*Nigel Tranter
*Christopher Whatley
*Jenny Wormald

History of Slovakia

*Gabriela Dudeková

History of Slovenia

*Bogo Grafenauer (1916–1995)

History of Spain

*Ida Altman - Early modern Spain, colonial Latin America
*Maria Luisa Ávila-Medieval History, Spain, History of Muslim Spain, Women's History
*Robert I. Burns-Spain, Medieval History, History of Muslim Spain, Visigothic Spain
*Brian A Catlos-Spain, Medieval History, History of Muslim Spain
*Roger Collins-Medieval History, Spain, Visigothic Spain, History of Muslim Spain
*Olivia Remie Constable-Spain, Medieval History, Commercial History
*Hipólito Escolar-Spain, History of the Book
*Pierre Guichard-Spain, Medieval History, Visigothic Spain, History of Muslim Spain
*S.I Imamuddin-Spain, Medieval History, History of Muslim Spain
*Manuela Marin-Women's History, Social History, Spain, History of Muslim Spain
*Julian Ribera y Tarragó-Spain, History of the Book, Medieval History, History of Muslim Spain
*Samuel Miklos Stern-Spain, History of the Book, Medieval History, History of Muslim Spain, Literary History

History of Yugoslavia

*Stephen Schwartz
* Misha Glenny
* John R. Lampe author of
* Barbara Jelavich wrote extensively on Balkan history, along with her husband Charles Jelavich
*Ivo Banac -nationalism
* Catherine Samary author of Yugoslavia Dismembered

The Middle East

*George Antonius (1891-1941) - Historian of Arab nationalism
*Anders Bjørkelo
*Caroline Finkel
*Hamilton Alexander Rosskeen Gibb (1895-1971) - Editor, The Encyclopaedia of Islam
*Bernard Lewis - History of Islam and the Middle East
*Albert Hourani
*Ibn Khaldun
*Walid Khalidi Palestinian historian
*D. S. Margoliouth
*Michael Oren
*Ibn al-Tiqtaqa (b. circa 1262) Shi'i historian wrote Al-Fakhīr
*‘Ala’ al-Din ‘Ata Malik Juvayni (1226-1283) Ta’rīkh-I-Jahān Gushā (‘A History of the World-Conqueror Chingis Khān)
*Rashid al-Din (circa 1247-1318) Jāmi‛-al-Tawārīkh (‘A Comprehensive Collection of Histories'), Ta’rīkh–i-Ghāzānī - a history of the Mongols and Turks
*Rex Sean O'Fahey
*Howard Sachar
*Knut Vikør


History of China

*Li Ao (born 1935) - Historian, author, and politician and broadcaster in the Republic of China on Taiwan
*Iris Chang - the Rape of Nanking.
*Rafe de Crespigny - Han dynasty
*Chen Shou - The author of the Records of Three Kingdoms.
*Sima Qian - Compiled Records of the Grand Historian
*Jonathan Spence
*Denis Twitchett - (1925-2006) Cambridge scholar, and editor of "The Cambridge History of China"
*Hans van de Ven
*Frederic Wakeman, Jr.
*Odd Arne Westad - Professor at the London School of Economics and author of many books on China
*John Herman

History of Korea

*Bruce Cumings - modern Korea
*Kim Bu-sik - early annalist
*Kim Dae-mun
*Lee Ki-baek - (1924-2004)
*Shin Chaeho - The ancient Korean history
*Suh Dae-sook - Korean War and North Korea
*Yu Deuk-gong - Balhae
*Odd Arne Westad - Professor at the London School of Economics

History of India

*Govind Sakharam Sardesai
*Sir Jadunath Sarkar
*Datto Vaman Potdar
*Tryambak Shankar Shejwalkar
*Ram Sharan Sharma
*A. L. Basham
*Urvashi Butalia
*Nicholas Dirks
*Ranajit Guha
*Ayesha Jalal
*John Keay
*Christian Lassen
*Sumit Sarkar
*Tanika Sarkar
*Percival Spear
*Romila Thapar
*Satyabrata Rai Chowdhuri
*Bipin Chandra
**Gyan Prakash
**Sumit Sarkar
**Rosalind O Hanlon
**David Washbrook
*Richard Maxwell Eaton
**Tanika Sarkar
**Mrinalini Sinha
**Barbara Ramusack

History of Japan

* William George Aston
* Harold Bolitho
* Basil Hall Chamberlain
* John Whitney Hall
* Donald Keene
* Edwin O. Reischauer
* Donald Richie
* George Bailey Sansom
* Ernest Mason Satow
* Isaac Titsingh
* Stephen Turnbull (historian)


History of Ghana

*Larry Yarak


History of Australia

*Manning Clark
*Geoffrey Blainey
*Bujar Kocana
*Stuart Macintyre
*Henry Reynolds
*Frank Welsh

History of Fiji

*Brij Lal

History of New Zealand

*James Belich
*Michael King
*W. H. Oliver
*William Pember Reeves
*J. G. A. Pocock
*Keith Sinclair

History of Tonga

*Sione Lātūkefu

History of Papua New Guinea

*John Waiko

By historical viewpoint


*George Washington Williams - Early African-American historian


*Eusebius of Caesarea (~275339) - "Father of Church history"
*Alexander Campbell Cheyne, Scottish Ecclesiastical Historian
*John Gilmary Shea (1824-1892) Father of American Catholic History
*Barbara Thiering (1930- ) Rediscovered the "Pesher technique"


*Johann Lorenz Von Mosheim (1694-1755) - Lutheran historian of Christianity from its inception through the 18th century


*Leonard J. Arrington - LDS Church historian 1975-1982
*B.H. Roberts
*Fawn M. Brodie
*Richard Bushman

=The Papacy=

*Ludwig von Pastor, wrote 40 volume history of the popes making extensive use of the Vatican Secret Archives


*D.G. Hart

Salvation Army

*Rob Brettle (1963- ) Co-founder Christian Mission Historical Society
*Harry Hayes - founder Salvation Army Philatelic Society
*Glenn Horridge - Co-founder Christian Mission Historical Society


* Niall Ferguson, "Virtual History: Alternatives and Counterfactuals" (1997).


*Yitzhak Arad
*Yehuda Bauer
*Martin Broszat
*Christopher Browning
*Lucy Dawidowicz
*Norman Finkelstein
*Henry Friedlander
*Saul Friedländer
*Martin Gilbert
*Israel Gutman
*Daniel Goldhagen
*Raul Hilberg
*Dov Levin
*Michael Marrus
*Hans Mommsen
*Dina Porat
*R. J. Rummel
*Hanna Yablonka


* Eric Foner - Marxist historian of the American Civil War and Reconstruction
* Eugene D. Genovese - Marxist historian of southern US history and slavery
* Ranajit Guha - Indian Marxist historian
* Christopher Hill - 17th century England.
* Eric Hobsbawm - Marxist historian of the modern world.
* Timothy Wright Mason - Marxist historian who worked on the history of National Socialism and the German working-class.
* Maxime Rodinson French Marxist historian on the history of Islam
* Sumit Sarkar Indian Marxist historian
* Edward Palmer Thompson British Marxist historian, author of "The Making of the English Working Class"


*Walter Frank (1905-1945) - Nazi historian and anti-Semitic writer
*David Hoggan (1923-1988)


*Paul Avrich, USA 1931-2006. (Oral-)History of the US and Russia
*David Berry, France, Movement in France.
*Murray Bookchin USA 1921-2006.Writer; Founder of "Social Ecology"
*Ronald Creagh Editor of "Research on Anarchism" the interactive website/data base in various languages. (France)
*Hans Jürgen Degen, Germany, Writer, Editor of "Lexikon der Anarchie"
*Sam Dolgoff USA 1902-1990, writer, activist, co-founder of Anarcho-Syndicalist Review.
*Sébastian Faure France, Encyclopedie Anarchiste, 4 volumes (1932-34)
*Joao Freire, Portugal, Movement of Portugal/CGT.
*Sharif Gemie, editor of "Anarchist Studies" (United Kingdom)
*David Goodway, (UK, writer, editor)
*Daniel Guerin, France 1904-1988. writer, editor Libertarian Communist
*Robert Graham, (USA, writer, editor)
*Andrej Grubacic, Bulgarian history and Anarchism, lecturer at University of San Francisco.
*Peter Marshall, England 1946, historian, philosopher, writer (of 'Demanding the Impossible. A History of Anarchism, 1992).
*Chuck W. Morse, USA, Writer, Founder of "Institute for Anarchist Studies/IAS.
*Max Nettlau, 1865-1944, Austria, writer of "Geschichte der Anarchie", seven volumes.
*Barry Pateman
*Alex Prichard
*Abel Paz, (Spain, Civilwar, Durruti, CNT/FAI)
*José Peirats, (Spain, Historian of the CNT/FAI)
*Jochen Schmück, Germany, Publisher, Founder of DadA - Datenbank des deutschsprachigen Anarchismus, webdata of German languages books on Anarchism and
*Alexandre Skirda
*Peter Staudenmaier
*Horst Stowasser, Germany, Founder of "AnArchiv", Anarchistisches Dokumentationszentrum, Writer.
*Antonio Tellez
*Dana Ward, Founder of "Anarchist Archives", Online Research on the History and Theory of Anarchism, (USA).
*George Woodcock
*Howard Zinn


*Ludwig Quidde (1858-1941) - Prescient German pacifist and student of history who combined his specialties in his condemnation of Kaiser Wilhelm II

By general category

Architectural history

*Marcus Vitruvius Pollio (born ca. 80/70 BC?; died ca. 25 BC) Roman architect and engineer, author of De architectura
*Leone Battista Alberti (born 1404; died 1472) Italian polymath, active in many fields, author of De Re Aedificatoria among others.
*Josef Strzygowski (born 1862)
*Joseph Rykwert (born 1926)
*Manfredo Tafuri (1935-1994)
*David Watkin (historian) (born 1941)
*Alberto Pérez-Gómez (born 1949)

Art history

*Nicholas Pevsner (1903–1983) History of art and English architecture
*Simon Schama (born 1945) - Art history

Economic history

*Ram Sharan Sharma Economic History of Ancient India
*Niall Ferguson
*Robert Fogel
*David S. Landes
*W. W. Rostow
*R. H. Tawney

History of education

*David Hogan Professor of Education at the University of Tasmania.


*Christopher Andrew
*John Barron
*John Earl Haynes
*David Kahn
*Victor Suvorov
*Nigel West

Maritime history

*Robert G. Albion
*William A. Baker
*Jaap R. Bruijn
*Howard I. Chapelle
*Femme Gaastra
*John Hattendorf
*John de Courcy Ireland
*Benjamin Woods Labaree
*Samuel Eliot Morison
*J. H. Parry
*Glyndwr Williams

Military history

*Correlli Barnett - British military historian.
*Antony Beevor - British military historian.
*Brian Bond - First World War
*Caleb Carr - American military historian.
*Michael Carver - British soldier & historian.
*Alan Clark - British M.P. & historian.
*Martin van Creveld - Israeli military historian.
*Saul David - Military history
*N.H. Gibbs - Interwar period
*Adrian Goldsworthy - British military historian.
*Jack Granatstein - Canadian military historian.
*Bruce Barrymore Halpenny Writer and military historian
*Victor Davis Hanson - American classicist & military historian.
*Andreas Hillgruber - German military historian.
*Richard Holmes - British military history
*Alistair Horne - British historian of French military history.
*Michael Howard - modern military history.
*John Keegan (born 1934, English) - Specializes in 20th-century wars
*Richard Landwehr - military historian.
*Basil Liddell Hart (1895–1970) Military History
*Edward Luttwak (born 1942) Military strategy
*Piers Mackesy - Eighteenth century
*S. L. A. Marshall - American military historian.
*Leo Niehorster (born 1947) - World War II
*Peter Paret - Military history
*Gordon Prange
*Gerhard Ritter - German military historian.
*Cornelius Ryan (1920-1974) - World War II
*Jean Edward Smith (born 1932) - U.S. and German military historian.
*Hew Strachan - British military historian.
*Gerhard Weinberg - U.S. military historian.
*Spenser Wilkinson

Naval history

*Robert G. Albion - Maritime history
*Ulane Bonnel
*Josiah Burchett
*Montagu Burrows
*Geoffrey Callender
*Howard I. Chapelle - Maritime history
*William Bell Clark
*Julian Corbett
*William S. Dudley
*Michael Duffy
*James Goldrick
*Andrew Gordon - Battle of Jutland
*John Hattendorf
*John Daniel Hayes
*J. Richard Hill
*William James
*Paul Kennedy
*R.J.B. Knight
*Dudley W. Knox
*Andrew Lambert
*John Knox Laughton
*Michael Lewis
*Christopher Lloyd
*Alfred Mahan
*Arthur Marder
*Tyrone G. Martin - Historian of the "USS Constitution" and of the history of ironclads
*William J. Morgan
*Samuel Eliot Morison (1887-1976) - Wrote "History of United States Naval Operations in World War II" and numerous works about the maritime exploration of the Americas
*Henry Newbolt (1862-1938) - Wrote "The Naval History of the Great War".
*Michael Oppenheim
*Charles O. Paullin
*Werner Rahn
*Bryan Ranft
*Clark G. Reynolds
*Herbert Richmond
*N.A.M. Rodger
*Stephen Roskill
*John Darrell Sherwood
*D.M. Schurman
*William N. Still, Jr.
*David Syrett
*Geoffrey Till
*Johan Carel Marinus Warnsinck
*Colin White


*Marc Bloch
*Fernand Braudel
*Herbert Butterfield
*E. H. Carr
*R. G. Collingwood
*Geoffrey Elton
*Richard J. Evans
*Pieter Geyl
*J. H. Hexter
*Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie
*Leopold von Ranke
*Hayden White
*Frank Ankersmit

Academic protagonists in Australia's "history wars"

*Geoffrey Blainey
*Stuart Macintyre
*Robert Manne
*Henry Reynolds
*Lyndall Ryan
*Keith Windschuttle

Gender history

*John Boswell (1947-1994, American) - Homosexuality in medieval times
*George Mosse
*Retha Warnicke (born 1939) - Gender issues

History of ideas, literature, and philosophy

*Isaiah Berlin (1909-1997) - History of ideas
*J. C. D. Clark, British historian of 18th century ideas.
*Michel Foucault (1926 - 1984) - History of ideas
*Peter Gay (1923-) - History of ideas.
*Lewis Mumford (1895-1988) - History of technology
*Ivan Prijatelj (1875-1937) - Literary history
*France Kidric (1880-1950) - Literary history

History of business

*Alfred D. Chandler, Jr.

History of international relations

*Harry Elmer Barnes
*Herbert Butterfield
*E. H. Carr
*Gordon A. Craig
*John Lewis Gaddis, historian of the Cold War.
*Ragnhild Hatton, historian of 17th and 18th century international relations
*Klaus Hildebrand
*Andreas Hillgruber
*Paul Kennedy, British historian, author of influential "The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers"
*William L. Langer, (1896-1977)
*Eduard Mark
*Arno J. Mayer
*W.N. Medlicott
*Lewis Bernstein Namier
*Paul W. Schroeder, US historian, 19c European International Relations
*Jean Edward Smith
*A.J.P. Taylor (1906-1990) - Historian of European International Relations
*Harold Temperley, (1879-1939), British historian, Cambridge, 19c and early 20c century diplomatic history, "British Documents on the Origins of the War, 1898-1914" (ed.)
*Ernest Llewellyn Woodward, (1890-1971)

History of science and technology

*Allen G. Debus, chemistry and medicine
*A. Hunter Dupree, botany; U.S. government policy on science and technology
*Peter Galison, physics, philosophy, objectivity
*John L. Heilbron, physics, quantification, astronomy, religion and science
*Richard L. Hills, technology, steam power
*Thomas P. Hughes, technology
*Evelyn Fox Keller, science and gender, biology
*Melvin Kranzberg, technology
*Daniel J. Kevles, science and politics, physics, biology, eugenics
*Thomas Kuhn, physics, "paradigm shifts"
*Stephen F. Mason, science
*David F. Noble, science & technology-based industrial development
*Abraham Pais, physics
*Theodore M. Porter
*A. I. Sabra, optics, Islamic science
*George Sarton
*M. Norton Wise

ocial history

*Ram Sharan Sharma Social History of Ancient India
*Lloyd deMause, psychohistory
*Gabriela Dudeková

World history

*Will Durant (1885-1981) - Author of "The Story of Civilization"
*Ferdinand Braudel (1902-1985) - Social and economic history
*Francis Fukuyama (born 1955) - "End of history" thesis
*Hendrik Willem van Loon (1882-1944) - World history and geography for younger readers
*William McNeill (born 1917) - Author of ""
*Jackson J. Spielvogel - Pennsylvania State University, author of several major world history textbooks
*Arnold J. Toynbee (1889-1975) - Wrote landmark text "A Study of History"
*Immanuel Wallerstein
*Roisin McVeigh
*John Roberts (historian) (1928-2003) - Author of "History of the World"


*Alan Bullock (1914-2004) - Historian best known for his influential biography of Hitler
*Thomas Carlyle (1795–1881 - Friedrich der Grosse (the Great)
*Ragnhild Hatton, biographer of King Charles XII of Sweden and King George I of Great Britain.
*Roi Medvedev - Stalin biographer
*Ron Rosenbaum - author of "Explaining Hitler".
*Jean Edward Smith - author of biographies on Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ulysses S. Grant, John Marshall, and Lucius D. Clay

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