President of Armenia

President of Armenia

President of Armenia is the title of the head of state of Armenia since its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

Leaders of Armenia since 1918

Democratic Republic of Armenia (1918-1920)

Chairman of the National Council

*Avetis Aharonyan (30 May - 1 August 1918)

Chairman of the Council of Armenia

*Avetik Sahakyan (1 August 1918 - 5 August 1919)

Chairman of Parliament

*Avetis Aharonyan (5 August 1919 - 2 December 1920)

Transcaucasian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1922-1936) and Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic (1936-1991)

First Secretaries of the Communist Party of Armenia

*Gevork Sarkisovich Alikhanyan (December 1920 - April 1921)
*Sergey Lukyanovich Lukashin (April 1921 - 29 April 1922)
*Askanaz A. Mravyan (29 April 1922 - March 1923)
*Ashot Gareginovich Hovhannisyan (March 1923 - July 1927)
*Haik Aleksandrovich Osepyan (July 1927 - April 1928)
*Aykaz Arkadyevich Kostanyan (April 1928 - 7 May 1930)
*Aghasi Gevondovich Khanjian (7 May 1930 - 9 July 1936)
*Amatuni Semyonovich Vartapetyan (13 July 1936 - 21 September 1937)
*Grigory Artyomovich Arutyunov (24 September 1937 - November 1953)
*Suren Akopovich Tovmasyan (November 1953 - 28 December 1960)
*Yakov Nikitovich Zarobyan (28 December 1960 - 5 February 1966)
*Anton Ervandovich Kochinyan (5 February 1966 - 27 November 1974)
*Karen Serobovich Demirchyan (27 November 1974 - 21 May 1988)
*Suren Gurgenovich Arutyunyan (21 May 1988 - 6 April 1990)
*Vladimir Migranovich Movsisyan (6 April - 30 November 1990)
*Stepan Karapetovich Pogosyan (30 November 1990 - 14 May 1991)
*Aram Gasparovich Sarkisyan (14 May - 7 September 1991)

Republic of Armenia (1991-Present)

Chairman of the Supreme Council

*Levon Ter-Petrossian (4 August 1990 - 11 November 1991)


*Levon Ter-Petrossian (11 November 1991 - 3 February 1998)
*Robert Kocharyan (acting to 9 April 1998; 4 February 1998 - 9 April 2008)
*Serzh Sargsyan (9 April 2008 - present)


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