Alhambra (disambiguation)

Alhambra (disambiguation)

Alhambra may refer to:
*The Alhambra, a palace in Granada, Spain.
*The Alhambra decree, a royal decree issued in 1492 ordering the expulsion, conversion, and/or death of all the Jews in Spain


*Alhambra, Ciudad Real, in Spain
*Alhambra, Alberta, in Canada
*Alhambra, Frederiksberg, in Denmark
*Alhambra, Arizona, an urban village located in Phoenix, Arizona, in the U.S.
*Alhambra, California, in the U.S.
*Alhambra, Illinois, in the U.S.
* Alhambra Rock, Mexican Hat, Utah


"The Alhambra" was a popular name for United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and Commonwealth music hall theatres, including:
*Alhambra Theatre, London
*Alhambra Theatre Glasgow
*Bradford AlhambraIn the United States:
*Alhambra Theatre, Sacramento, CaliforniaIn Romania:
*Alhambra Theater (Romania)


*Alhambra (board game), a popular German board game
*Alhambra (video game), the Xbox Live Arcade version of the aforementioned board game
*Tubalcain Alhambra, Hellsing manga/OVA character, member of the Nazi organisation Millennium
*Alhambra (album), an EP by the Canadian rock band The Tea Party
*"The Alhambra" (other title: "Tales of the Alhambra") by Washington Irving
*"Alhambra", a track by the Italian guitarist Antonio Forcione, first released on the album "Ghetto Paradise"

Other uses

*Alhambra, a Spanish brand of hand-made classical guitars
*Alhambra, a Spanish brand of beer
*Alhambra, a very rich sponge cake made with dark chocolate and hazelnuts
*Alhambra, a silverware pattern patented by Wm. Rogers on July 6, 1907. Produced until about the end of World War I. The pattern has a set of ornate scroll work said to be inspired by the moorish sculpture at the Alhambra in Granada.
*SEAT Alhambra, a multi-purpose vehicle made by Volkswagen

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