Lamb (surname)

Lamb (surname)

Lamb is a surname, and may refer to

*Alan Lamb, Australian sculptor
*Allan Lamb, South African and MCC cricketer
*Amanda Lamb, British television presenter
*Annabel Lamb, British singer-songwriter
*Anthony Lamb, botanist
*Barry Lamb, British musician
*Brian Lamb, American television personality
*Caroline Lamb, wife to William Lamb and lover of Lord Byron
*Charles Lamb, British essayist
*Christina Lamb, British journalist and author
*Chuck Lamb, American television personality
*Edward Lamb, American labor lawyer
*Greg Lamb, Zimbabwean cricketer
*Harold Lamb, American novelist and historical writer
*Horace Lamb, British hydrodynamicist
*Hubert Lamb, British climatologist
*Jan Lamb, Hong Kong DJ and singer
*Jerry Lamb, Hong Kong actor
*Joseph Lamb, American ragtime composer
*Joseph Quinton Lamb, British Conservative Party politician, Member of Parliament 1922-1945
*Larry Lamb, British journalist
*Lily Lamb, Disney fictional character
*Marcus Lamb, American television evangelist
*Mary Lamb, British writer, sister of Charles Lamb
*Mike Lamb, American baseball player
*Norman Lamb, British politician
*Ryan Lamb, English rugby player
*Robert Lamb, American novelist
*Robert Lamb, American felon
*Sydney Lamb, American linguist
*Terry Lamb, Australian rugby league player
*Thomas Lamb, Industrial designer
*Thomas W. Lamb, American theatrical architect
*Tim Lamb, British cricket administrator
*William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne, British Prime Minister
*William Kaye Lamb, Canadian civil servant
*Willis Lamb, American physicist (Lamb shift)

First name

*Lamb Gaede, American singer (member of White Nationalist band Prussian Blue)

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*Lamb (disambiguation)

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