Ta'al ( _he. תע"ל, an acronym for "Tnu'a Aravit LeHithadshut" ( _he. תנועה ערבית להתחדשות), lit. "Arab Movement for Renewal", _ar. الحركة العربية للتغيير) is a two-man Israeli Arab political party in Israel led by Ahmad Tibi and Mahmud Asad.

It was founded by Tibi after he left Balad during the 15th Knesset. The party ran on a joint list with Hadash in the 2003 elections with Tibi retaining his seat.

In the 2006 elections the party ran on a joint list with the United Arab List, running as Ra'am-Ta'al (Ra'am is the Hebrew acronym for the UAL).

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