Big-eyed cardinalfish

Big-eyed cardinalfish

name = Big-eyed cardinalfish

image_caption = Drawing by Dr Tony Ayling
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Actinopterygii
ordo = Perciformes
familia = Epigonidae
genus = "Epigonus"
species = "E. lenimen"
binomial = "Epigonus lenimen"
binomial_authority = Whitley, 1935

The big-eyed cardinalfish, bigeye cardinalfish, or bigeye, "Epigonus lenimen", is a deepwater cardinalfish of the genus "Epigonus", found in southern temperate waters south of Australia, Madagascar, and New Zealand, at depths of between 500 and 800 m. Its length is between 10 and 18 cm.

The big-eyed cardinalfish is an elongate deepwater species having a pointed snout, long caudal peduncle, and two triangular-shaped dorsal fins mirrored by triangular pelvic and anal fins. Very large eyes dominate the head, and the mouth is full of minute teeth in each jaw and on the roof of the mouth.

Big-eyed cardinalfishes are slow swimmers and live near the bottom, feeding off small planktonic animals.


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