Cocktail (disambiguation)

Cocktail (disambiguation)

A cocktail is a mixed drink containing alcohol.

Cocktail may also refer to:

  • Fruit cocktail, a mixture of various fruits, often canned
  • Juice Cocktail, a mixture of two or more Vegetable or Fruit Juices, often with added water and sweeteners.
  • The cocktail fruit, a cross between a Thai pomelo and a Frua mandarin orange
  • Cocktail dress, a shorter length lady's gown
  • Molotov cocktail, a crude incendiary weapon
  • A mixture of drugs, especially a mixture of Antiretroviral drugs used to treat, HIV sometimes called a "triple cocktail"
  • A style of arcade cabinet where the screen lies horizontal and players generally sit opposite each other to play
  • In scuba diving with a rebreather, slang for caustic liquid getting in circuit if water gets at its absorbent
  • Cocktail (code name) is the code name of Apple's iTunes LP music format
  • Cocktail (magazine), a Swedish and Norwegian erotic magazine


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