Compass Tours

Compass Tours

Compass Tours is a British railtour organiser specialising in excursions with diesel locomotives like the class 47. The brand was conceived initially in 2003.[1]

Company founder Kevin Melia, who attended school at Liverpool College, banded together with 2 friends, Shaun and Nick, some years after studying Management at UCLAN. His older brother John Melia then got involved a few years later. They run the business out of the family home in south Liverpool. They promote the environmental advantages of trains over cars. Many thousands of passenger journeys have now been undertaken with Compass Tours. The tours are typically very popular, and usually carry up to 500-600 passengers. They have become one of Britain's main rail excursion organisers in the Midlands, North Wales, North of England and Scottish Borders.[2]

In 2011 Compass Tours ran its first steam operations with 5 Mersey Moorlander trips that ran every Monday over August, to Carlisle via Settle.


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