Year 66 was a common year starting on Wednesday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.__NOTOC__


By place

Roman Empire

* September 22 — Emperor Nero creates the legion I "Italica".
* Jewish revolt against the Roman Empire: The Zealots take Jerusalem and the Sicarii capture the fortress of Masada.
* Cestius Gallus, legate of Syria, attempts to put down the Jewish rebellion.
* Roman Legion II "Augusta" is stationed at Gloucester.
* Suetonius Paullinus becomes a Roman Consul.


* Baekje invades Silla in the Korean peninsula, and captures Castle Ugok.

By topic


* The First Epistle to Timothy is written (approximate date).

Arts and Science

* Dioscorides writes his "De Materia Medica", a treatise on the methodical treatment of disease by use of medicine.


* Halley's Comet is visible.




*Petronius, Roman writer

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