Covering may refer to:


  • In topology:
    • Covering map, a function from one space to another with uniform local neighborhoods
    • Cover (topology), a system of (usually, open or closed) sets whose union is a given topological space
    • Lebesgue covering dimension, a definition of dimension using topological properties
  • In graph theory:
    • Vertex cover – a set of vertices incident on every edge
    • Edge cover – a set of edges incident on every vertex
    • Covering graph – a graph related to another graph via a covering map
    • cycle double cover, a family of cycles that includes every edge exactly twice
    • clique cover, a family of cliques that includes every vertex
    • path cover, a family of paths that includes every vertex
    • biclique cover, a family of complete bipartite graphs that includes every edge
  • Covering lemma in set theory (specifically large cardinal theory)
  • Covering number of a metric space, the minimum number of smaller balls needed to cover a unit ball
  • Covering problems, computational tasks of finding a small family of sets whose union is a given set


  • Window covering
  • Covering a base
  • Hat, head covering
  • Cover versions, recording or performance by musicians of other artists' songs
  • In the world of opera, acting as an understudy for singers of leading roles
  • Covering: The Hidden Assault on Our Civil Rights, a book by Kenji Yoshino on legal inequality
  • Coating

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