0s BC

0s BC

This article concerns the period 9 BC – 1 BC, the last nine years of the 1st century BC. Note that there is no year zero (0) in either the proleptic Gregorian calendar or Julian calendar. Hence 1 BC is followed by the year AD 1.

AD 1 is the first year of the Anno Domini era and of the Common Era. In 525 (the consulship of Probus Junior [Flavius Probus] ), a Christian monk named Dionysius Exiguus stated that the incarnation of Jesus occurred 525 years earlier. [ [http://hbar.phys.msu.su/gorm/chrono/paschata.htm Nineteen Year Cycle of Dionysius] First Argumentum.] Whether Dionysius regarded "incarnation" as Jesus' birth or conception, and whether Dionysius placed it in 1 BC or AD 1 are debated by modern scholars. Nevertheless, these same scholars believe Jesus was actually born a few years earlier, during this decade.

Events and trends

* Mithradatkirt, the Parthian capital, is totally destroyed by an earthquake sometime in this decade.

ignificant people

* Caesar Augustus, Roman Emperor (27 BC – AD 14)
* Jesus, central figure of Christianity (8-2 BC – AD 29-36)
* Arminius, German war chief


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