Balanced ternary

Balanced ternary

Balanced ternary is a non-standard positional numeral system (a balanced form), useful for comparison logic. It is a ternary system, but unlike the standard (unbalanced) ternary system, the digits have the values −1, 0, and 1. This combination is especially valuable for ordinal relationships between two values, where the three possible relationships are less-than, equals, and greater-than. Balanced ternary can represent all integers without resorting to a separate minus sign.

Balanced ternary is counted as follows. (In this example, the symbol 1 denotes the digit −1, but alternatively for easier parsing "−" may be used to denote −1 and "+" to denote +1.)

ee also

* Setun, a ternary computer
* Ternary logic

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